Revving Up the Energy

Everything in life is driven by only 3 things: Time, Energy and Money. Although Time is linear, we have no control over time itself, but we do have control over our use of time. Money on the other hand has an energy of it's own and we will have to talk about it in detail soon.

Energy however, is an entirely different game. Everything is energy and energy is everything. It is endless and self recreating. All things in our lives are made of energy, all tangible things have an energy source.

If energy is endless and recreating, then why to so many people have so little energy? Why are so many people tired, unproductive and wasting time because of a lack of energy?

Because they do not understand one critical point about energy. A very powerful mentor of mine, used to tell me all the time "Do the thing and you will have the energy and strength to do the thing". For a very long time I did not get it. I would say, if I had the energy, I would do it. Or, if I had the time, I would do it. Or, if I had the money, I would do it. But now I get it loud and clear.

Now this is HUGE, so stay with me here...

Procrastination does not exist. Sitting and doing nothing, does not exist.. That's right! Procrastination is an action, an action that requires energy. Sitting on the couch watching TV and eating chips is an action, an action that requires energy.

Every minute of every day we are in some sort of action. We are always doing something, maybe not anything productive or effective, but we are always doing something. But here is the Key! What we do, gives us the energy to do more of the same. Did you get that? What we DO, gives us the energy to DO MORE OF THE SAME.

So if we are up, moving and exericising, we will have more energy to get up and move more. If we are sitting watching TV, we will have the energy to do more of sitting and watching TV.

If you want a magic potion to give you the energy to make changes and accomplishments in your life, then just "Do the Thing" and you will have the energy to "Do the Thing". The more you do something, the more you CAN do it. The more you put effort into something, the easier it will become.

So get up and move. Either move by taking action toward your goals or move by getting some exercise. Either has huge payoffs. It is just a place to start the journey.

To your unstoppable success...