Baby Boomers are Making Their Mark Online

Now that I am preparing to turn 59 years old, I am amazed by the realization that my AGE is my GREATEST asset. Baby Boomers worldwide are getting into the game. Getting healthy, getting strong and yes, getting wealthy working from home.

In these challenging economic times, we find our measly retirement incomes are not enough. Even for those who have retirement incomes from jobs plus income from Social Security, the need to earn more is greater than ever.

Seniors have always struggled to make ends meet, but the exciting part is: "We are not going to accept this plight any longer". Now, we have the means available at our fingertips to make whatever amount we want from the comfort of our homes. Regardless of where we choose to retire.

With the news this week that Facebook users in the over 50 crowd skyrocketed the past year, we are beginning to see the evidence of the online trends for Baby Boomers. But for most of us, it is not about just seeing what is going on with old friends and family. It is about growth, rebirth and success. Through the Social Media growth, we see the percentage of Baby Boomers using the Internet for Business growing substantially.

With our age group using our many years of Business Experience and applying that expertise and work ethic to the online world, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. The industry is starved for not only online knowledge but the knowledge that only comes from living in a world of structure and growth, as we have for many years. We are applying the skills from our corporate or work experience to new ventures in Online Marketing.

Everywhere I turn online, I am seeing more and more Boomers stepping up to the plate.

Kudos to all of you. What an amazing Role Model you are!

To your unstoppable success...