Don't Be Defeated

Our biggest enemy when it comes to accomplishing any goal (small or enormous) is our own Self Defeating Habits. We habitually do the same things over and over. We habitually defeat ourselves and drive ourselves to a point of despair.

When mentoring others, I have frequently used the old adage of "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results". This applies in our physical, mental and financial worlds. If we constantly do the same things over and over, we will only get the same results over and over.

In order to accomplish something new and exciting, new activities, new actions and new habits must be established.

If we are on the road to financial success and independence then remember you can not get bthere doing the same things you have in the past (unless you have created the desired results before). We MUST create new thoughts, new beliefs, new actions and new habits. This and only this will create new results.

As we continue on this road to recreation, we will discuss the process of habitual defeat and how to overcome it. I am looking forward to sharing some exciting ideas and hopefully some action producing enthusiasm with you.

More on this later... just sharing some thoughts.

To your unstoppable success...