Yes, Life Does Bring 2nd Chances

Life is an interesting thing. We work, we play, we feel happiness and we experience great pain. Sometimes, we are able to move from the challenges, the pain, to the estacy life has to offer and sometimes we don't.

Many of my friends and supporters have watched me over the last year as I have met the challenge of who I actually am. After my husband's death, I swam a bit and I sank a lot. But I did not drown. I treaded water for a while, then started swimming with all my might to the other side.

I have finally come to a point where I feel empowered, strong, and yes... Finally as though I have "arrived" once again, or at least on the right course.

I have transformed from the person I once was to someone completely different. Funny, but the person I currently am, seems to be the right person. The person I was meant to be.

I had to start from scratch by changing everything about myself that no longer fit into the "Wanda" mold. I recreated the mold from the bottom up.

This is a new beginning, a 2nd chance if you will.

From who I am, the business I am now operating and even this blog, it all has changed.

I have had many long time followers on my blog. Some of you have been with me for years, even since the beginning of "Creating Abundant Lifestyles". You have been waiting (as I have) to see where I would finally rest.

I am energized and very exited to share some amazing information with you. I want to help you find yourself and not just mold yourself into a powerful successful person, but to recreate yourself into the most powerful and successful person you could ever imagine.

Stay with me, because the journey is just beginning and I promise, it will be one Hell of a Ride.

To your unstoppable success...