Transforming Dreams into Reality

Everyone dreams, we all have ideas, visions, yearnings, desires and yes, even fantasies we think about and wish would become reality. This is the course of human nature, but not all of these dreams could ever become reality, simply because of the number of dreams we create in our minds along with the fact many of our dreams would not make a real difference in our lives.

However, many of these dreams hold a deep and constant reoccurring place in our minds and our hearts. These are the dreams we can easily turn into actual goals if we are willing to commit the effort. They are the dreams we are passionate about. The dreams we deeply and completely want to have in our lives. These are the dreams we can change into goals and therefore into reality.

But what is the difference in a dream and a real goal?

To quote Diana Robinson; "A dream is a goal without legs".

A dream can be a wonderful thing, but unless you add passion, commitment and belief, it has nowhere to go. In order for a dream to become a true goal, you must add some real fuel to it.

So, how do you take those deeply placed dreams and change them into a true goal and then allow them to become reality?

First of all, decide what you truly want. Take a very hard look at your dreams and determine which ones will make a real difference in your life. Evaluate them and write down the ones you really want. It does not matter how much the dream will change your life, only the level of passion you have to accomplish it.

Now that you know which ones are important to you, take time with one and add clarity to the formula. "If you can see it, you can have it". Get crystal clear on what the goal is. For example; if you want a different job, your goal can not be just a different job, that may be a job you hate. Know what job you want. Know without any doubt what it will feel like to have your dream job. See yourself in the job and if anyone ever asks you what your dream job is, you will have a very clear and precise picture to paint for them. The more clear your vision, the greater your fuel. The easier it is for you to paint the picture of your goal, the faster it will become reality.

Now get very excited. The passion you feed into any goal will be the driving force behind it. The passion will determine how much belief you have in your goal and the belief you have will fuel the end result. Spending some time every day with your vision and the passion you feel about it, will take you anywhere you choose to be.

It is very important to have a belief and commitment to the goal itself. Make it a priority in your life, your mind and your thought process. But here is something very important. When you think about this goal, you should ONLY think about it as a reality. If you see it as something you WANT, you will always just want it. See it as something you HAVE and you will have it.

Hold the thought of HAVING in your mind. Spend some time with your vision and your clarity as though it if it were reality. Only when you have mastered the ability to HAVE before you actually do, will you be able to take the appropriate action.

Unfortunately, most people leave these key points out of their plans. They charge into making something happen but the clarity and the passion are missing. Everything in goals begins with the clarity, the vision, the passion and the ability to experience it in your mind.

You CAN have anything you desire in life, but only when you are willing to change the way you see it.

To your unstoppable success...