Take Time to Play

With the New Year, every one is busy setting goals, focusing on making some major things happen this year and motivated to work hard. These are all key elements to success, but one element so often overlooked is the Time to Play.

As children, we looked forward to our friends knocking at the door asking if we could "come out and play". It was a huge element to our growth and development. But as adults, we tend to see play as a time wasting activity. Sometimes, we confuse competition with playing. Golf for example is a great sport and personally something I have spent a great deal of time doing. But even golf can sometimes simply be a Business Endeavor, with the component of networking and business activities thrown into the game.

The world in general frequently sends the message that playing is a frivolous activity, good only for under-achievers, procrastinators and slackers. But the message is inaccurate. Playing is a necessary activity in order for us to experience the results of our hard work or to motivate us to work hard and enjoy our lives. Playing allows us to release the stress and anxiety our lives create.

Think about the last time you took a weekend trip to the beach or mountains, without your laptop or without turning on your cellphone. When was the last time you went dancing and really cut yourself loose and had a blast? When was the last time you laughed so hard you could barely talk afterwards? Do you remember how you felt? Do you remember how free you were afterwards?

Without play, adults can loose perspective. Your life can not be only about the work and accomplishing your goals. Part of the success you experience will come from the energy you generate from playing. Without play as a balanced element in your life, you will not walk in the world with positive energy. Your work will be harder, your results will less rewarding and your health will be greatly affected.

Playing changes your outlook on life. When you play, you reward yourself for the efforts you are making to accomplish your goals, rejuvenate yourself and feel more anticipation for what you are working toward.

After all, why are you working so hard to be successful? It is so you can live your life on your terms, enjoy your life and have the time with your family they so much deserve. Spending time with your family is all about play time. Your children and your partner deserve to have your play time as well. You can not build relationships without a little play time.

Relationships with your children are built on the playtime. Your children will remember the time you played with them. As for your partner, how can you possibly build a strong intimate relationship without the time to attend to the playful side of your relationship?

Take time today and every day, to put a little play in your life. Reward yourself and re-energize your life with some simple and life changing play time.

To your unstoppable success...