The Courage to Succeed in 2010

Here we are starting a New Year. Everyone seems to be setting resolutions and hoping for a better year than 2009. Unfortunately, they are setting the same resolutions as last year (and years before) and the chances of them being anything more than a fleeting memory by January 15 are very slim.

Here is a newsflash for you, New Years resolutions rarely work and rarely make any difference in your life at all. A resolution is only an attempt to achieve something different than you currently have. It is a temporary agreement with yourself. Resolutions rarely include any thought, decision, action or commitment to take you to your goals. What they are not, is decisions.

Why is it, that so many people fail to achieve any goals they set for themselves? Shortly after making a resolution, they can hardly tell you what the resolution was. Could it be they are confused and don't know what to do to move forward? Or, could it be they simply are not sure what they want? Or maybe, they are afraid they will actually achieve a goal or maybe even they realize to achieve it might require some work. Regardless, resolutions do not work.

In order to experience new levels of achievement, you must be able to understand the possibilities of experiencing something new in your life. You must be able to see yourself having attained the goal. Only when you can actually see yourself where you want to be, can you begin to understand the possibility of getting there.

"It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live his dreams." - Les Brown

Truly a remarkable and insightful quote. Les Brown has in two simple sentences "nailed" the primary reasons most people do not stick with New Years Resolutions and fail to make major changes in their Business and Personal lives.

The achievement of a goal is not a material thing you can simply acquire, not something someone else will bestow on you and it is definitely not magical. It is your own vision of what you want, it is making a decision to achieve a goal. The only way to achieve anything in life is by making a decision to do so.

Understand the difference here. When you make a decision, which means removing all other options from the table, you are then ready to make the commitment, take the action and achieve the goal. This level of decision is based on your own recognition of the possibilities in your life.

In order to have any level of success at anything, you must first of all KNOW exactly where you are going. You must have a clear and definite VISION of what your success will look like. This Knowing creates an energy to take you to your goals.

The other component is the courage to live your dreams. Having something you do not currently have, regardless of what it is... money freedom, time freedom, sports, relationships or anything else which might get us excited, requires immense courage.

What you want can easily be yours, but you must have the courage to step out of your box and claim it. "To have something you have never had, you must do something you have never done". Choose to have vision and courage in every area of your life.

Make the decision today to make the changes you desperately desire. Make the plans, take the action, believe in your own abilities and have the courage to make it happen.

Only then, will 2010 be an awesome year for you.

To Your Unstoppable Success...