Are you Living Your Life With a Clear Purpose?

Washington Irving said; "Great minds have purposes; others have wishes."

Each of us have tremendous potential residing within us. Some find the potential and nurture it, others find it but let it go, others never find it and still others never even look for it.

But regardless of who we are, what our circumstances are or the life we have lived, the potential is there for us all. I believe the underlying difference in the manifestation of huge successes and the lack of success, is that some people attach purpose to their potential and create amazing results while others live life haphazardly, never finding a purpose for their intentions.

When you live life with a purpose, you are adding rocket fuel to every goal, every intention and and every desire you can imagine. Your life becomes focused and on track. Your thoughts, your actions, beliefs, decisions all reflect the purpose you have attached to your life.

But some people never establish their purpose. They can not "find" anything to get them hugely excited and something to give them the motivation to succeed.

Too often, I am reminded how hard it is for some people to find their purpose. They believe it should be something grand and world serving. But a true purpose is something designed to simply leave the world in a better place than it would have been without you.

For example, I will share my true purpose with you

"To demonstrate to everyone I encounter the Best Possible Version of Me". Now that may seem very convoluted and vague, but I feel it is very powerful. There was a time when I wanted to save the world and help thousands of people to change their lives. This is still a very important goal of mine. But by demonstrating the Best Possible Version of Me to the World, to everyone I encounter, I am being a leader who can make a difference.

It puts ME in a position to lead by example. How can I possibly help people if I can not demonstrate the possibilities in and through my own example?

Purpose simply puts your train of life on a solid track. It gives you something to work toward, something you will accomplish through who you are and who you are being. It is not necessary to have a grand and elaborate purpose, especially if you can not see yourself actually in the vision of the purpose itself.

So seek a purpose for yourself that YOU can grow with. Something in life to drive you and motivate you, something you can very excited about. Once you can bring purpose into your everyday life, your goals, your actions and decisions, your life will suddenly change.

The rocket fuel of purpose can take you anywhere you choose to go in life.

To your unstoppable success...