Tap Into Your Own Unlimited Potential

Every human is born with unlimited potential. It is a God given gift we each possess. Our accomplishments, integrity, level of success, relationships, how we live, the depth of our love and the things we have in life are not limited in any possible way by our circumstances.

Each person is born with the same possibilities as every other person and those possibilities are unlimited. Understand however the circumstances we are born into may be different, but the Unlimited Potential and Possibilities in our lives is the same.

Some people are born into circumstances which present a greater challenge to overcome, but the potential remains the same for everyone. God built into each of us the ability to create the life we desire and dream of. Along with Unlimited Possibilities is Unlimited Ability in our thought and mental growth.

For example, let's look at Thomas Edison. He did not just wave a wand and invent electricity. The ability to create electricity was in every person of that era, but Thomas Edison thought about what this new invention would be. He envisioned it, nurtured the vision and made a very concious decision to find the components to develop it. He drew upon his unlimited potential and did not give up on it. If you study Mr. Edison, you will learn how he tried hundreds of ideas before he succeeded.

The idea of electricity never changed during the process. His vision never changed, only his methods. He didn’t just accidentally fly a kite and find electricity. He knew exactly what he was looking for because he saw it in his mind, long before he made the discovery. He focused on the idea and gave it tremendous attention.

This same ability exists in each of us. Every invention, finding, discovery and piece of art begins with a thought. Humans are given the ability to think. It is then what you do with that ability that makes you different from those around you.

Some people choose to use their thought to create and others choose to use it to hold them back. Again, there is no distinction, other than the decision to use the thought either in a positive or a negative manner. Positive thinking, or as I call it, Creative Thinking (using your creative plane) is just as powerful as negative or destructive thinking.

Every one of us is exactly what we choose to be, based on our own thinking. I do not, however, agree with the old cliché of "You are what you think you are". Instead, I choose a newer version, "What you think - You Are".

So what does all of this have to do with potential? Your potential is only limited by your level of thinking. If you genuinely see yourself as a successful artist, creator, entrepreneur, parent or any other vision you may have, then that is exactly what you are and your life will reflect exactly who you know you are inside. But, on the other side, if you see yourself as a misfit, a nobody, unsuccessful, a failure or just not the person you want to be, then this is exactly what your life will reflect.

I wish I could say that potential is based entirely on what you think about, but there is another powerful consideration. And, that is belief. Covering up a lack of belief with positive thinking will only tend to cloud your results in life. You can not mask a deep rooted fear and negative thought process with a few positive thoughts. It takes consistent action to change your belief process.

You must implement a solid personal development program to accomplish this level of change in your belief system. You must learn to direct your thoughts into the right area and have total control over your thoughts to see this level of success. With consistent and daily attention to what your thinking, your words and how you respond to circumstances, you can start to see small steps of accomplishment.

Start today by filling your mind, your eyes and your ears with sound, uplifting and positive thoughts and images. Be very aware of what you put into your mind. If you watch trash, then your mind will focus on trash. If you associate with negative, draining people, then your results will be the same as their results.

Take a look at your 5 closest friends. If they are not the type of people you want to transform yourself into, then I strongly suggest finding new friends. You truly are the company you keep, simply because their influence determines what you put into your mind. Once you make some small changes in what you see, hear, speak and think, you will begin to see the unlimited potential in yourself and you will see immediate change in your circumstances.

What you think about and give energy to, comes about.

To your unstoppable success...