Just Dance - The Essence Within Which Drives Our Passions

Life is meant to be lived! Not just experienced, but to be lived with passion, enthusiasm, determination, and commitment. The human race was never intended to just get by, to struggle and fight non-stop battles. We were created in God's image for a reason, not by circumstance. Each of us has been given a passion, a desire of our heart which is the essence of who we were intended to be. We are expected to nurture this passion and create for ourselves the life intended for us to live.

This essence within us is our soul. It is the true self we hear so many people are looking for. It is where the passion to create an extraordinary life resides. It is where the motivation for "out of the box" thinking comes from. Our true essence is our true self. And, this true self is not hard to find. It takes a little soul searching, a little digging and yes, even a little fire and drive from within to find ourselves and learn who we were truly intended to be.

There are people, such as artists who find this essence early in life and are able to nurture it and sculpt from it an intensity for a greater creative plane of existence. Others, such as myself, must find the essence through the absolute determination to experience and live on a greater plane, to live a life of extreme passion, excitement and accomplishment.

This may sound difficult, it may seem the essence is something you have to search for to find, but I have great news for us all. The essence within us has a switch. A simple button which can be turned on at any given time. A switch which will open the door to greater thinking, greater creativity, greater fun, greater joy and a quality of life we have all dreamed about experiencing.

But, WE must turn the switch. WE must identify the location of the button and turn it on in order to experience the essence of life.

So where is the switch? It lies within our hearts. Everyone has something, an activity which gets us more excited than anything else and gives us the energy to experience life at a greater level. For some it may be physical activities, others may be mental or emotional activities, others may be family ativities, but we all have the switch. I will even step out on the limb here and tell you that for some of the greatest artists, writers and business men in history, this essence was sexual activities.

One of my personal motivators is Dancing. Dancing brings out a person within without inhibitions and fear. A person who can do and accomplish anything. A person of passion, power and a zest for life. When I dance, when I release the essence within me, I find a person who loves life and with a thirst to experience everything life has to offer. With dancing, the creative juices flow. Things fall into place that once were confusing and out of sorts. Life has a greater ease. I exist on a higher plane than before.The essence of me was hidden behind my love of dance. Dancing releases my true self into the world.

But dancing is not the motivator for everyone. Each of us must find our own essence and it is our responsibility to find that essence and release it. Just take a little time to find the "thing" in life which has been set aside for a very long time. The thing you always wanted to do. Chances are good you will find your essence and once you do.... RELEASE IT. Indulge in it and allow yourself to find the ectasy of true self.

Your life will change dramatically and believe it or not, you Deserve to have the change you desire.

To your unstoppable success...