Step Forward In Faith to Claim Yourself

So much of our society lives in a non-empowering state of mind. We accept failure as the normal, in fact, expect failure in most of what we do. We have learned from the multitudes how only a select few are lucky enough to "Have It All".

There was a time when I was one of the multitudes. I believed my success depended on the actions of others and the luck of the draw. But early in my adult life I found this to be a myth. Very early in my career in the Airline Industry, I found I could get the promotions and the special projects simply by stepping up to the plate, taking action and voicing my own self belief. This belief and change in my behaviors allowed me to travel the world and make my mark in the industry.

Great successes in life never just happen. They are always a result of action. But too often, fear and doubt keep us from taking massive action for our own successes. It takes tremendous intestinal fortitude to step out of your box and claim your life. Fear (false evidence appearing real) can totally control your life only if you choose to let it.

Fear is the exact opposite of faith but yet they are the same thing. Both are believing in something you can not see. Personally, I choose faith in making my choices and it has proven to be an exceptional direction in my life. Faith is hope, expectation, empowerment and courage.

You must choose faith over fear if you choose to create the life of your dreams. People who criticize or frown on postitive action are not the people you want in your life anyway. You are the people you associate with, so choose not to associate with anyone who does not support your dreams and your actions.

If you want something powerful in your life, you must surround yourself with the people who are getting the same results. Wouldn't it be much better to look forward knowing, expecting life to give you exactly what you want, instead of fearing failure?

We all deserve to have exactly what our hearts desire most. The only way to have those things is to not worry about what other people think, be responsible for yourself and take action to make fabulous things happen in your life.

On this special day, Christmas Day 2009, I am very moved to give my readers something empowering. Something of myself to hopefully give you a push to make your life not just ordinary, but extraordinary.

The best thing I can give you is hope. Life can be fun, facinating, spontaneous, joyful and fulfilling but YOU have to want it and YOU have to be willing to have it. It always amazes me when someone tells me exactly what they want but are not willing to have it. When you focus on your goals, give them attention, faith and expectation, coupling that with a "no fear" attitude, ANYTHING is possible.

Step out of your world, your box of less than extraordinary and get what you want most in life. We all deserve to live extraordinarily. It can be yours, but YOU must not fear, you MUST believe and you MUST take action.

To your unstoppable success...