Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back?

It is a known belief in the Personal Development arena the words we speak can affect our results exponentially. With this in mind, we knowingly make a concerted effort to speak words of success and abundance in order to attract these things into our lives.

But, here is another consideration for you and one which has the potential to dramatically effect your results immediately. We all have those little instantaneous thoughts which can make us feel less than successful or empowered. Sometimes, those little thoughts can actually create destructive results for us, simply from the words of destruction we conjure up in our minds, or maybe the lack of commitment to ourselves and our goals.

Those little instantaneous thoughts should be considered as words of destruction. This is an overwhelming concept, so please stay with me on this. I promise you will find it extremely powerful.

Thoughts and words all come from emotion, but there are times when emotion controls not only our words but our thoughts and bring about some very negative results for us. When you are confronted with anything in your life you do not agree with, something resulting in a feeling of frustration or anger, or anything which might make you feel less than the person you choose to be, you are in danger of bringing negative results into your life. Those little fleeting thoughts of doubt, worry, concern or aggravation are controlled by negative emotion. And, negative emotion is more damaging to you than any words you knowingly speak.

Stop and think about it for a moment. Have you ever played out a scenario of how you are going to handle a situation in your mind? Have you ever imagined "getting even" with someone who has hurt you, or have you ever daydreamed of revenge? These things do not just go away. They take up residency in your mind. In contrast, the words you speak are often said only once or twice, while the revengeful, negative and powerful thoughts we attach to scenarios hang on for an extended time.

Thoughts are emotions and emotions are what determine your energy and your vibration. If your thoughts are consumed with negative energy, then what you are "putting out" to the world is negative energy and therefore your results will be negative.

Any level of negative emotion will only hurt you and your results. This emotion will frequently consume us for days and holding on to it will alter your outcome and your results dramatically. In order to manifest positive results into your life, you must eliminate the negative emotion.

You must let go of and eliminate any negative energy you are giving out to the world. Just let it go. When negative emotions start to show their ugly heads, just eliminate them immediately with positive emotion. Yes, it can be done and when practiced becomes quite easy. Make a point to attract only the things you want into your life. Make all of your thoughts intentional. When your thoughts are controlled, then the words are controlled and the end result is the accomplishment of some major positive results in your life.

To your unstoppable success...