The Best Christmas Wish Ever!

I received a moving Christmas card today and wanted to share it's message with you.

Scatter Joy... Inspire Hope... Share Love... Seek Peace

Scatter Joy: If we have Joy in our hearts, then we can easily scatter it to the people we encounter every day. Joy comes from within, from the heart and will seep through our inner self and show itself in everything we do. Joy exists in us all, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves by looking at the people we love and the many things we are grateful for. Let's find the Joy already living in our hearts and Scatter it around for others to enjoy.

Inspire Hope: Through our own outlook for life and living do we Inspire Others to have their own Hope? In a time when so many people are finding life more and more difficult, we have more opportunity than ever before to inspire others to have Hope for their future, their families and even for their purpose. We should all recieve this as a challenge and step up to inspire others to have hope.

Share Love: We all have Love in our hearts. Let's tap into the love, let it multiply and grow so we can share it with everyone we meet. Love is an energy and will spread like wildfire simply by feeding it and allowing it to be seen by others.

Seek Peace: Peace of Heart, Peace of Mind and Peace of Self. It is all ours for the taking. We should Seek the peace within us and when we do, our lives will change exponentially. Peace of Heart, Mind and Self will open us for greater creativity, clarity of purpose and profound results in our lives. Peace replaces the stress and allows us to experience life at an entirely different and greater level.

This is a simple message, but one of great power, authority and empowerment. I hope in some small way, this message will empower you as it has me.

Merry Christmas to you all...