Are You Communicating in Business and Relationships?

If you were to ask me about the number one component missing in our society today both in business and in relationships, I would have say it is "communication". Communication is quickly becoming a lost art, obsolete and rarely something anyone is willing or capable of engaging in.

In business, I find those who understand the art of communication are the high performers, the people with the most sales or with the highest performing team. The great communicators possesss a position in their industry, a place of honor and recognition admired by others.

And what about relationships, from the intimacy of a couple to the raising of children and the ability to talk to anyone in any situation, communication would change this world and our experiences in relationships.

With our world of text messages, email and instant messages, we have lost what counts most. We are living in a world of Cliche's. Conversation has become more of "What's Up", "How you doing?" and my favorite.... "Whatever!". Our children do not know how to communicate to each other or to us and our Relationships suffer from the lack of real communication.

And here is a Newsflash for you... Talking is Not Communicating. Small talk is an art as well, but where some people use it none at all, others abuse it. Some people just jump right to the big issues, opinions and miss an opportunity to enjoy the intimacy of communication.

Intimacy is important in all relationships. Learning more about the people you encounter and sharing your deepest feelings and thoughts with the person you love most in your life. It is all intimacy and true intimacy can only spring from good communication.

Are you engaging the people you meet? Are you looking them in the eye when they speak to you, are you taking the opportunity to know who they are and what they think and feel? Are you shaking their hands with strength and confidence?

And ladies, let me tell you something very important, a handshake is NOT A "MAN THING". A hand shake should be an opportunity to share a bit of yourself with the person you meet. It is an opportunity for them to become curious about you, who you are and what you have to share with them. Communication begins with simple encounters such as handshakes. Do it with power and conviction.

Personally, when I meet someone, I extend my hand with authority and confidence. If they return (men or women), with a weak, partial hand or a namby pamby wrist shake, I have to work very hard to find substance in them. They have missed an opportunity to make a good first impression with me. Communication begins with the first moment of contact.

I challenge you to take a look at your skills in the area of communication. Evaluate for yourself why you may not be communicating with the people in your life. Lack of confidence, fear of saying the wrong thing or standing out in a crowd could be the culprit. Put yourself out there, you just might find it really does not hurt at all but on the other hand, will greatly improve your business, your personal life and your own self confidence.

Once you make an improvement in your communication skills, your life will change dramatically! You will be leaving the people in your life with a small piece of youself every day.

To your unstoppable success...