Self-Revelation - Finding Your Passion

Life is Self-Revelation, it's all about revealing ourselves. Every day, we reveal who we are to everyone we encounter, and to the World. Everything we do, everything we say and even the things we think about and give energy and attention to are about who we are.

In reality, much of what we are revealing to the world though has little to do with our true self. The real person our inner self desires to be, the hidden person inside.

Too often, we go through our lives as robots. As pre-created beings who have little or no control over who we are, our circumstances or even our destiny. It is the person created by others. Our thoughts, our beliefs (even our belief in ourselves) are hand-me-downs from the relationships in our lives. From the feelings of our loving families and their desires for us, to the tirades of out of control people, even the fears others have imposed on us based on their own fears. From people we have known and the people of brief encounters. Our life we are living is seldom our own.

Self-revelation should be something personal, a focus on revealing to ourselves our deepest desires. It is about finding the person hidden within and the Revelation of real purpose and destiny. But how do we find out who we truly are, who we were intended to be? The answer is so simple, once we open our eyes to find the lost person within, instead of the person who has lived a life of compromise and struggle and eventually given into the dreams of others.

I would like to challenge each of you to take a deep inner look at who you are hiding within. For once, look at everything you encounter with new eyes with a new zest to grasp yourself and create your own destiny. But not in selfishness, however in creating a better version of you. A version who lives with passion, intrique and intimacy in every area of your life.

Take a very deep look within your heart, looking at your beliefs and the way you think, at your passions and your relationships. Take a look at your motivations and the stimuli in your life, what are they? Are you living through your own passions and are the stimuli leading you to your true destiny?

Remember, life is not a destination, it is a journey. Are you living your own journey, or that of others? Have you placed your life on hold while building the life others desire for you? Become intimate with your own beliefs, your own goals and desires. Once you have done this, you just may find the real self was not so deeply hidden, only temporarily placed on hold.

Life is too short to not live in passion. Once you find that passion, you will find yourself and the person you reveal every day to the World, will make a difference in the World.

To your unstoppable success....