The Path of Healing

We are all on our own path. Some, move quickly through the journey, never looking back and others contemplate every step very carefully. For every person, the method, the path, the journey is different.

We are not born with instruction books and even though we are given the ability to learn and absorb knowledge from many levels, we do not KNOW what we need to know until the time is right for us to absorb and understand.

When my husband died almost 6 months ago, I contemplated a great many paths to take. Being the headstrong, powerful woman I have always viewed myself to be, I made a very quick decision that ultimately took me to a crushing downfall. I decided to "Be Strong" as I thought Jerry would want me to be and to set a new standard for strength in adversity.

I quickly jumped back into my business, even started a new venture and buried myself in "my work". But I did not take time to heal. Then suddenly reality paid me a visit. For some time, I was pretty much unable to function. I could not call prospects, I could not follow up with friends, I could not face people and live my life day to day. I fell into an emotional pit!

Through the Grace of God and with the messages delivered through some powerful mentors in my life, I was able to recieve some powerful guidance and inspriation. I now live in a place of absolute gratitude for everything and everyone in my path. I am now coming out of the pit.

And, fortunately, I am a much better person than when I entered.

Now, I am more focused and devoted to what I see as my role in this world. The world truly is all about what you give, how you give and how many people you help. My focus now is all about helping and I am on a journey to help as many people as I can.

Am I totally healed of my pain? Absolutely not! I may never be. But I am on the pathway to healing and each day gets better and easier. I am sure I will have frequent challenging days, but I can face those days now with my head high and my spirit in tact!

I am recommiting myself to you, my readers, to my business associates and my friends and family as I know now I am in a better place to assist you in whatever small way I can.

Our journeys are always for a reason and it is not our job to know what that reason might be. It is only our job to walk in trust and in faith. To trust God to provide the path he wants us to journey and to know that He is in control.

God has put into my heart and my spirit the burning desire to help assist people to find their rightful path and journey and that is exactly the path I will honor. Will I be perfect? No, I am certain I will not. But, I will be devoted and determined to fulfill this path, this journey and to take as many people along with me that I can possibly imagine.

It IS going to be an extraordinary ride and I look forward to having you all come along with me. You may lead, you may follow or just walk beside me but it will be fun, productive and inspiring to all, that is my prayer.

I just wanted to share these thoughts with you and look forward to hearing from you.

To your unstoppable success!