Lessons Learned from Baby Sea Turtles - It's All About the Goal

Several years ago, when my husband and I decided to move to Emerald Isle, NC to experience "Ocean Front" living, we knew there would be adventures ahead of us. Of course, we were thinking more in the form of hurricanes and swarms of beachgoers. We also knew we would have a whole new perspective on nature.

The constant changing of the beach is certainly something we expected with the wind and surf. We knew the abundance of wildlife in the form of birds, porpoises, sharks and even an occasional whale would be a moving experience for us. But it never occurred to either of us we would learn so much and be so involved in the lives of Sea Turtles.

These beautiful, graceful, majestic and meek creatures find their way to our little island in the Southern Outer banks to lay their nests each summer. In the still of the night, they come on shore and find the perfect spot to entrust with their eggs. Unfortunately, with the ever increasing numbers of tourists and the debris they leave on the beach (umbrellas, chairs, awnings and even kayaks) and the enormous holes dug in the sand, the likelihood of the mother laying her eggs or the hatchlings surviving the process have decreased dramatically.

When we first moved here, I became involved by volunteering with the Sea Turtle Protection program. I would walk the beach in the very early hours to find the tracks of turtles and report any nests I might find. I and the other volunteers would then step in and protect the nest until hatching time. Once hatching time came about, we then do all we can to help the little guys get to the water.

This year, with the passing of my husband, I decided to ramp up my participation and coordinate the volunteers for the stretch of beach where I live. This increased involvement has brought me to an entirely different level of appreciation for these creatures.

Earlier this week when a nest in my area hatched, I was overwhelmed by the determination of these 84 little babies who emerged from the nest with determination and focus. They knew only their goal and immediately took on the challenge.

The tiny turtles, who have only a 1 in 1000 chance to make it to adulthood start their lives with a "never give up" attitude. They are not stopped by fear of the challenges they face. They do not question their decisions or change their minds. They trudge forward and onward without hesitation.

Their journey from the nest to the water can be very long one. They encounter the danger of birds and crabs who see them as a delicacy. They endure the possibility of being stepped on by humans, being baked by the sun or even being distracted by the light of homes which pull them in the wrong direction. But they carry on, totally determined. Once in the water, the danger they face is unimaginable to humans, but it does not stop them.

Focused only on their goal, they know their destination and even though they are just over an inch in size, they are determined to get there. They sometimes get sidetracked by obstacles, but we nudge them in the right direction and they continue on.

So, what was the lesson? When I coach people on the unlimited possibilities in their lives, I am always surprised at the limited beliefs, holding people back from their destiny. Unlike humans who stop, balk and even run from every challenge, every detour and every fear, the little tiny turtles never stop, they just keep going.

Humans are so often totally controlled by the environment and the people around them. We limit ourselves with every turn and every decision, never giving our true destiny a chance.
There is so much we could learn from these tiny little creatures. They start their journey with determination and never consider the possibility of failure.

Instead, we often start journeys focused only on the challenge and with the mindset of failure and an expectation of limitation and problems. We too should live our lives with huge goals, determination and focus.

Challenges frequently go away when determination takes their place. Life is full of bumps in the road, but like the turtles, we should stay focused and live the lives we dream of, not to be distracted at every turn. We should set huge goals and stay focused on the attainment of the goal.

Take time today to ask yourself this question, "If I started every day, knowing my goal and focused on living the life I truly desire, with determination and drive, what would my life really be like? What could we really accomplish?

I know of no limits! The possibilities are endless.
To your unstoppable success...