Teetering on the Tightrope of Excellence

Funny how the greatest accomplishments and insight sometimes come from very small, very obscure happenings around us. Personal burdens can frequently plague us, pull us down or hold us back. However, they can be quickly eliminated when we are open to allow them to and open to receiving the inspiration for change.

Moving beyond our personal best, to a higher level, requires a deeper and greater inspiration than ever before experienced. Those inspirations can be very small things, or sometimes, from the people around us who, by their own example, live their lives, unknowingly at a level of excellence few people ever truly experience.

Sadly, the core of human nature is to become a victim of the life we are handed. It would be very easy for me to drift into victimhood. After all, I did lose my husband and the world around me would prefer that I function as the "poor widow", which I am totally unwilling to accept. I could never honor the excellence my late husband portrayed by allowing his death to push me into mediocrity rather than moving me forward toward personal excellence.

I see the world we live in as a tightrope. Often when we are walking on this tightrope, we literally are teetering between mediocrity and excellence with no medium ground between. Amazingly, the excellence frequently just takes a little inspiration, a little action and of course a little determination.

The inspiration to move to the right side of this tightrope is probably in front of you. Maybe through a book you've been planning to read, a person you know, or even a new casual acquaintance, inspiring you through their own zeal and energy for life.

Moving to the right side of the tightrope takes very little action. It does require belief, faith and commitment. But, the first thing it takes is the decision.

I truly believe if I can pull myself to the right side of the line, anyone can. Anyone can live in excellence if they are just willing to take a step in that direction and make a decision to give up the life of mediocrity.

This is a very fine line and a small step reaps huge results in our lives.

Isn't it time to move to the right side of the tightrope and live the life you truly deserve?

To your unstoppable success...