Trying to Make Money, Will Never Make You Rich

I hear it every day "I just want to make some money", "I am trying to make some extra money", "I am working hard trying to get rich", "If I just work harder I can make more money".

If you have EVER said or thought any of these things, then Please Stay With Me, I want you to make more money. In fact, I want you to be VERY RICH! But, riches start with what you think and what you say and until you "Get This" you will never get the success you are looking for.

All riches, all success, all great accomplishments start inside your head.
Now, I could quote the Bible and many other great writings but I want to talk to you from my heart and from my experience today. In fact, this is a hard lesson that I had to learn and even though I fought it for a long time, it was an easy thing to accomplish once I gave in to it.

If you have ever read or heard any work by successful entrepreneurs, you probably felt as though they "talk" differently than the masses of the world and possibly assumed this was due to their success. In fact, this concept is reversed. They accomplished great things because of their beliefs, the way they thought and the way they talked.

There is a common thread behind the successes people experience and this common thread is "In The Mind".

You see, these people know something the masses do not know, or should I say, believe something the masses do not believe. They know that all successes, accomplishments, great works and great results begin in the mind long before they become a reality.

The masses of people have employee mentalities. This is a mentality that someone else is totally responsible for their success, the amount of income they generate and the results in their life. Great entrepreneurs know without any doubt or shadow of disbelief that you have absolute and total control to produce whatever you desire.

There is a huge difference in TRYING to make money and actually making it. This is exactly why so many, many people who finally find the success they are looking for, frequently say, once I figured it out "it was easy". It is because there is nothing to figure out, there is nothing to work hard at, there is nothing you have to master, except for who "You Are Being and the way you Think."

When I am coaching people on my team who have some major goals (keep in mind, I only coach people who want to make multiple 6 figures a year), one of the first things I tell them is:

"95% of the work you have to do is working on YOU (your beliefs and your thinking). The other 5% is in your business. The work to generate the income is the easy part, but until you master your thinking you will never have the riches."

So start working on "you" today. Evaluate the words coming out of your mouth and the thoughts driving your actions. Determine what you are saying and thinking that is holding you back and limiting your success. Are you positioning yourself to receive success by the words you are speaking?

Become a student of self mastery. My goal here was to open your mind to other possibilities. I hope you will stay with me on this subject as I go into great detail in the future.

To your unstoppable success...