How to Make Money Online and Turn it Into Real Results

Making Money online is extremely simple. Anyone can do it. There are thousands of options available for affiliate programs, PPC residuals, advertising and marketing programs and on and on. All of them can make you some money, a lot of them can make you a lot of money, but take a great deal of time to build and develop.

There is a real difference though in making "some" money online and making "Real" money online. When I speak of real money, I am talking about at least 6 figures (that's $100,000 plus) in the first year. This may seem unrealistic to many, but it is also a reality for countless numbers of people in the Entrepreneurial community.

There is a true component, when totally understood, if you grasp this, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

I was talking with a client earlier in the week who told me he has at least 30 streams of income. Of course I was impressed and started questioning him about them. What I learned from him helped me to see the major hole most online marketers dig for themselves. You see, he was working 18 hours per day, marketing all of these streams of income and NONE of them were producing more than $75.00 per month! So even if he is only working 5 days per week (which I doubt) and assuming every one of these were producing $75.00 per month, he is working 360 hours per month for a mere $2250 per month. That is $6.00 per hour and I find this outrageous! But most of his income streams were not producing anything, much less $75 per month. His actual income was about $1100 per month and he was actually working about 500 hours for that!

Why would anyone work so hard for so little? Because they have a dream. They have a goal of being self sufficient, of being a successful entrepreneur. But! They are of the frame of mind that the harder you work, the more money you make. This client even commented that he could give it more time and probably make more. This frame of mind will only get you tired and broke. It will never make you rich. Most highly successful entrepreneurs work less than 40 hours per week.

Multiple streams of income are great, I highly recommend you create multiple streams of income. But not until you have a stream that is providing you a good income, would you move to the next income stream. Multiple streams should only support the primary stream. A bunch of little mediocre income streams will only wear you out!

If you want leave your dead end job, be home with your family, be the key influence in your children's lives, travel, work from anywhere, live in a beautiful home and of course all the bling which accompanies wealth, you must find an income stream with a powerful compensation program first. Once you have it established, allow it to support you at building additional.

So where do you start?

1) Do your homework. Look at the various programs available. You are looking for a POWERFUL compensation plan. A plan with the specific ability to generate a 6 or multiple 6 figure income in the first 6-12 months. This would be a plan with large payouts. For example, my program provides a profit of $1000 to $8000 per sale. How would this compare to a program that allows $20 per sale? Obviously a powerful compensation model is key.

2) Are there other people achieving the level of income you are looking for and living the lifestyle you want? You must have people to model your business after. I can not stress enough how important this is. ALL businesses work, but few have people actually producing this level of income. There is a strict rule of life and business you must understand. It is the 80/20 rule. The rule states that 20% of the people are producing 80% of the results. It is also important to know that only 3% of entrepreneurs in the industry are making this level of income. BUT, anyone can be in the 3% if they have the powerful business model and people to follow.

3) Be willing to do what it takes to make this level of income. No one does this without:
- A willingness to make a commitment
- A willingness to capitalize their business
- A willingness to be trained

This is the beginning of what I hope will be a shift for you. Start today by working on your goals. You must know EXACTLY what it is that you want to accomplish. You can not go anywhere without knowing where you are going.

Start by getting clear on this and understanding these very simple rules. It is a starting point.

My hope is this information has assisted you in some way.

To your unstoppable success...