Is Self Employment a Match For You?

With the current business trends, more and more people are looking at the possibility of working for themselves.

Self employment certainly has many advantages and there has actually NEVER been a better time than now (in the current economy) to start and succeed at business.

In a recent Gallup Poll, 57% of Americans polled indicated they would prefer to work for themselves. Long gone is the time you work till retirement and sit back on a nice pension. Since the level of security and stability has dropped so dramatically, self employment is becoming more of a reality for larger numbers of Americans than ever before in history.

Since Home Based Business is my area of expertise, I would like to address why you might want to consider starting a Home Based Business. I am a huge advocate of this Arena over traditional brick and mortar businesses. Here is why:

• You determine your own hours (which can be very flexible)

•Working from home does not mean you have to be at home. You can work from virtually anywhere you choose

• There is a much greater potential for a substantial income

• Very low overhead

• No more office politics.

So, What are the disadvantages and what roadblocks might you face?
.• No more regular paycheck. You may want to wait until your business replaces your income before you quit your job.

• You must learn to be creative and self resourceful

• You MUST be willing to take risks

This is where so many new entrepreneurs drop the ball. They want to be financially independent, they want to be home with their families, they want to travel, they want, they wcant they want... BUT, they are not willing to take any risks to have it. Just the fact that risks are NOT taken, greatly decrease the chances of having success. This is what you MUST ASK YOURSELF; "Is my dream, my goal, more important than anything else?" If you can honestly answer YES to that question, then your risks will pay off.

• Are you willing to be self disciplined?

I want you to understand a couple points here. First of all, two to four hours of disciplined focus ccan produce ten times more than 20 hours of scattered thinking and actions. Secondly, you must be willing to put in focused time. Time when you are working your business, according to a plan and time for income producing activities.

• Are you willing to be trained?

In most home based businesses, there are people to train you. Look to the people who are getting the results you want and do what they are doing. When I got started in my business, I wanted to generate $20,000 a month, very quickly. I sought out the people who were doing it already and did exactly as they were doing. Now my goal is 7 figures a year, and you better believe I am doing exactly as the other 7 figure income earners are doing. You must be willing to be trained.

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To your unstoppable success...