The Heart Of Success - Finding Your Own Greatness

All highly accomplished people have one inherent trait in common, they have found and developed the heart of greatness within. It is something we are all born with, but few people identify and develop it. We are a magnificent species and each of us is great, but so few of us know it or are able to accept it.

Most people go through life as if they have an anchor around their necks, allowing everything they encounter and experience to pull them down. Instead, because we are magnificent, we should live life to the fullest and instead of an anchor around our necks, we should live as if we have a buoy lifting us higher and higher.

So, why is this? The answer is a simple one, but one that many people can not see.

We have allowed ourselves to accept mediocrity instead of choosing greatness. The world lives in a sea of resistance. This resistance is like an anchor, it holds us back from our true selves. This resistence has many faces, ranging from fear, procrastination, poverty consciousness, rejection, vulnerability, low self esteem and many more. In other words, we have internal language keeping us from living a magnificent life.

The things holding us back are the things we suppress inside. Sometimes this self language comes from things we learned as children, even though they were never intended to be carried into adulthood. Things such as fear often come from our parents and family. Our feelings and thoughts toward success and money, for example, are the exact things keeping us from having more money and more success.

Finding your own greatness is a journey. It requires searching deep inside of yourself and identifying your blocks. To do this, you must listen to and control your thoughts. What are you thinking? Are your thoughts in alignment with your goals? If you are looking to achieve a great goal, then you must identify the internal thoughts that are not congruent with the goal.

Look inside of yourself. Do you have a fear of disappointing someone, or possibly even yourself? It takes tremendous courage to take a look deep inside of ourselves. But here is the payoff...
Everyone has the ability to develop the Heart of Success. Sadly, only about 10% actually do. Change comes from people who have the courage to make the journey. It takes a great deal of courage to make this journey. But when the decision is made to do it, the journey is actually a very short one.

Determine today if your goals are important to you. If they are, then start today to have them. Look deep inside yourself and find what is holding you back. Now here is the best part.

Once you identify your blocks, those things holding you back, you DO NOT have to "fix" them, you only have to know what they are. Because once you know what your blocks are, you are aware and can overcome them.

Once you have done this, you will step up into your own greatness. You will become the person you truly are and live a life of success.

This is entirely in your control. It takes a decision and some action but it is not a difficult thing, afterall, the greatness is already within you. You have to reach in and pull it out.

your unstoppable sucess...