How to Be Laid Off and Loving It

After a 30 year career in the airline industry, I was told I was no longer needed. As a baby boomer, this was a very scary situation. I immediately accepted another job, and even though it was an excellent job and the pay was considerably more than with the Airline, I found that I just did not want to leave my future in the hands of others.

It is very important for me to assist people in understanding that being laid off or losing a long time job or career is NOT the end of the world. It truly is "just part of the past". It is the end of a chapter in your life.

When I started on the journey of being an Entrepreneur, I knew that many other people had survived a lay off, so could I. What the journey led me to was "my True Self".

The job was only a part of the roadmap, a place that I traveled through and a place where I learned how important it was to stand on my own two feet.

When we find ourselves at a crossroad, sometimes we realize we had nothing to do with the destination. Life truly does "happen" but it is how we respond that is important. Especially when something like a lay-off or even being fired can be something that brings up a host of negative emotion, It is important to respond from the inner self, not from fear, disbelief, anger, or any negative feelings.

Things truly do happen for a reason and when the response is not in the proper framework then the door to greater things may not appear for you. You must have an open mind and be alert to the opportunities available.

Take time to develop and get personally involved in your goals. You must get very excited about what you want to create. And, if you cannot get emotional and excited about something, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE IT!

Another very important component is the decision to have what you desire. Making a decision is nothing to take lightly. When you make a REAL decision, all other options are off the table. The only option is the goal.

I have only briefly covered these concepts today, but would very much recommend you continue to research these methods. Life truly can be exceptional, regardless of what your past holds. But when you apply these simple concepts along with others, you might be amazed at what happens in your life.

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To Your Unstoppable Success...