Powerful Communication In Your Business

In order to make money in any business, you must at some point "Talk to People". When I got started (almost 5 years ago), I would listen to every training call, every tidbit of information, every little nugget of wisdom.

I did this because I was determined to "Be Like the Leaders" and pull in the huge incomes they were seeing.

This was a good plan and certainly an approach I recommend to any new team member, with a little something added. What I learned was I could follow their lead and their suggestions, I just could not "Be Them". I could only be myself.

When people are searching for home businesses, they are primarily looking for one thing and one thing only. They are looking for someone they can connect with who they have confidence in and will lead them to a point where they can change their lives.

You can not make this level of connection with someone unless you are being AUTHENTIC with them. You must be yourself and be the person they are looking for. You will connect with some people and then not connect with others. This is okay, because you will connect with the right people, the people who are aces and will assist you in building a powerful business.

You will do this because THEY will connect with you and in turn, you will serve them by helping them as well.

So what does being AUTHENTIC mean? First of all, it means YOU know who YOU are. Identify who you are first. When I was working to figure out who I was, at first I could only see my failures and was convinced no one would like the Authentic me.

Then one day, an incredible mentor in my life told me who I was and the world exploded for me. He said "Wanda, you are Great, Magnificent, Powerful, A Person of Integrity, A Person with a Deep Essence of Success, A True Leader and an Empowering Individual".

Now this may sound a bit gagging to you, but what I got from this statement was:

"I was not seeing myself as the leader that I am." If you own your own business, then you are a leader and in order to lead others you MUST identify who you are.

Take time right now to make a list of your strengths, a list of who you are. Clearly define your essence, your deepest self. Once you know who you are, you are a different person in your prospecting. Realize when prospecting, your JOB IS NOT to sell your business, your products or even YOURSELF. Your job is to connect, to be able to identify the leaders who you want to work with.

But in order to do this, they must see who YOU are. Being powerfully authentic means:
1) Be Yourself
2) Find Your Essence
3) Be totally focused on Your Goals
4) Powerful Confidence in Who You Are
5) Energetic and Empowering
6) A Vibration of Who You Truly are
7) Certainty about who you are and where you are going

When you can capture these points into your inner being, you will portray a vibration of leadership automatically. Regardless of what you say or do, people will see you as a leader and be attracted to you. Your prospecting will then take on an entirely new flavor.

So go out today and find out who you truly are. Find your true self and step into your own greatness. You are a magnificent person and until you know that, you will only be able to follow. Leaders, lead from within!

To Your Unstoppable Success...