So, Just Fire the Boss

I hear it every day, people really want to get out of their jobs "Fire their Boss" and be free.

Time and again I hear it:

"I want to get out of the Rat Race", "I want more time with my family", "I want a more fulfilling life", "I want more money"
.... I want, I want, I want...

My answer, is Just Do It! Just Fire the Boss, get out of the rat race, have more time with your family, lead a more fulfilling life and have more money.

If you think it is not that simple, then I am compelled to graciously inform you "You Are Wrong".

I do not claim to have the magic pixie dust answer for every problem or to have a unique solution to every challenge. What I do claim is this; the secret to success at any level and any activity lies within it's simplicity.

Here are a few Simplicity guidelines to assist you in laying the groundwork to Fire the Boss.

1) Simplicity of a Vision - Knowing what your destiny is, knowing the end result of a journey, knowing the outcome is a simple process, however, digging deep within yourself to find your purpose and your vision may take some effort. But once the vision is created, the results lie within simplicity.

2) Simplicity of decision - before you can have or accomplish anything, you must make a decision to do so. This is a very deep one-sided commitment to your vision. It is a "My Only Choice is Success" decision. This level of decision removes any chance of failure from the equation. Once the deep seated decision takes hold and you are driven by the vision then you are capable of taking a simplistic approach to the next step.

3) Simplicity of Action - this can be a tricky piece. Most people make the mistake of thinking massive action, 24 hour action, life consuming action is what is necessary. However, the action which is driven by the vision and the decision would be focused action. Simple and consistent steps moving you steadily toward your goal or your vision.

4) Simplicity of results - keeping things simple allows the Universe to put things into motion toward your end or your vision. When we over complicate life, it becomes muffled and hap-hazard.

Simplicity is very powerful but should not be confused with laziness. By the simplicity, I mean to stay focused. Anything can be accomplished when you are focused and working continually toward a goal.

This is why so many Entrepreneurs are able to fire their bosses very quickly, because they have created their vision and stayed on a simple forward moving course. It is also the underlying reason successful people are able to make decisions very quickly, simply because they are driven by their vision and focused like a laser beam on their action.

Give it some thought, start to dig inside yourself to find your vision and then take the simple approach. But I must warn you in advance; when you do this, more than you could have ever imagined will start coming your way.

To your success...