A Little Thing Affecting Many Lives

It was about a week before Christmas, when I was on a teleconference with some of the people who I mastermind with on occassion. We were talking about the Movie "The Secret" and what a hidden jewel it is. The discussion lead to one thing after another and before you know it, I asked "I wonder what would happen to someone if they watched The Secret everyday for 30 days".

Before the call was over, we had put together "The Secret Challenge". A Challenge to anyone who wanted to participate and challenge themselves to do something to test themselves, but to also empower themselves at an unmeasurable level.

We started the challenge on January 1, 2009 with about 150 participants. Here it is Jan 5 and that number has grown to close to 300.

Find out for yourself what can happen in your life if you focus 30 days to achieve your ultimate lifestyle. I invite anyone who would like to, to join us in this challenge. It is life changing!

To your unstoppable success...