Keys for Baby Boomers in the New Economy

Too many Baby Boomers are worried these days. They are losing their 401k's, being laid off from long time career positions, being down-sized and being replaced by younger (cheaper) employees.

We have worked our entire lives to be able to live a robust and fun retired life and hopefully retire early. Our kids are either in college or just finishing college and we are looking forward to them starting their own lives so we can start ours!

As a Baby Boomer, I have a passion for assisting those who are in my age group to live the life they desire. But that life should not involve living on a pittence of a retirement income or working for $10.00 per hour greeting consumers at a super store.

Baby Boomers deserve to be free, to live a robust life to live life large instead of small, to travel and have fun anytime and anywhere they choose.

Regardless of your age, this New Economy is probably affecting you. But for Baby Boomers, upcoming retirees, it can be especially taunting and frightening.

When my husband and I decided in 2004 to leave our jobs, our retirement incomes and to start our own home based business, it was very scary. But we were driven by the "Outcome" of our lives we envisioned. We were not ready to live our retirement years shackled to our jobs. We decided to take control of our situation and take the chance that we could create an income that would support our dreams.

The challenge for most of the people in our age group is clear. To continue working day after day, not knowing what the future will hold, or to step out on their own, not knowing what the future will hold. One choice, you have no control over, the 2nd choice, you have total control.

Here is the clear difference though. YOU can have Anything you want. It is never too late to choose to have your dreams. Take time today to decide what it is you truly want. Think big and create a clear vision of the life you will have when you have your dreams come true.

Once you decide what the outcome of your life will be, open your mind for the path to clear. The only figuring out necessary is "figuring out" what you want. Allow opportunities and ideas to come to you. Stay focused on your goals and allow circumstances to fall into place that support your dreams. Stop worrying and stop trying to fix things. Take a "never give up" attitude and you will not have to give up.

Once you open your mind and your heart, everything will fall into place. However, here is the "but", you must allow yourself to take action when the opportunity or the idea comes to you. Creating your future to meet your own specifications will take determination and probably taking a risk.

Here is the question you should ask yourself;

" Which would be the greatest pain, The Pain of Risk or the Pain of Regret?" Don't let yourself regret your choices. Living a full and fun life will take some actions you have never had to take before.

I talk to Baby Boomers every day who are living the life of their dreams. They have taken chances that paid off big time and I am not talking about investments in stocks or anything that you have no control over. I am talking about taking a chance on a home business. There are many people our age who make more money from home than they ever made working for someone else or from their retirement. It is possible to live a life of freedom, taking your business wherever you choose to be and having an income greater than you ever imagined.

Make an investment in yourself and decide today to live your dreams. There are many businesses from home that are legitimate, strong and freeing. Decide today to create your own outcome.

I offer a strong business model that is perfect for Baby Boomers like me. I would love to talk with you and show you how to live life on your terms.

To your success