How Committed Are You to Your Goal?

Serious goals can not be taken lightly. Goals such as financial freedom, owning a successful business, finding the right partner and living a life of prosperity are very serious and require certain actions on your part to accomplish.

Too often, I talk to people who want to accomplish something outside their normal realm of thinking and expectation. They are very serious about the goal, but are relying on their old thinking to get it.

They are serious goals, goals that require much more than they are accustomed to giving. I usually find they have failed to accomplish much smaller goals, so just changed the goal to something larger, but did not make any changes in their thinking or their actions.

I do want to be very clear right up front, anything can be accomplished by someone who is totally committed to a goal. Being committed to a goal requires a level of thinking and actions that are outside the box for the majority of people. It also takes a level of clarity most people are not willing to work at getting.

Take for example the young man who came to me and wanted to make $150,000 within the next year. He really “wanted” it. So I asked him:
“How does it feel to make $150,000 in a year?”

He looked at me like I had two heads and said “If I knew that, I would have it and not want it.”

My response; “No, if you knew that you would have it and want something bigger!”

In our conversation, I learned that he had never made more than $40,000 in one year. His goal was wrapped around the lifestyle that he wanted to create for he and his new bride. He was very serious about this, but his thinking was completely backwards.

He thought in order to increase his income from $40,000 per year to $150,000 he had to figure out how to make it and then do the thing to get it.

But I reeled him back in and taught him:

1) Before you can have it, you must become the person inside who has it. You must “BE” the person who makes $150,000 per year inside. You will only receive at the level you are able to Be.

2) You must get completely clear about what $150,000 in one year will do for you. What will it give you that you do not have right now. Exactly how will it change your life and what will it buy?

3) You must “feel” what it will “feel” like to have it and to have the thing that it will accomplish for you. See in your mind what the having is like. Feel the energy of having and the excitement of having.

4) You must take “right action” toward having it. This right action is not necessarily working hard, of course it is changing the current pattern you have, but it can be as simple as taking small right actions toward your goal, but taking action forward nonetheless.

5) You must be committed and diligent to your goal. Your goal must become the underlying belief system deep within you. You must be committed every day, every hour and every minute to it.

6) You must have integrity to your goal. You must stay the course with diligence and determination. This is integrity.

7) You must change your thinking to align with your desires.

The universe is vast and abundant. Anything you really want is available there. No one is left out of the storehouse the Universe has to offer. But why do so many people fail to get what they want?

The answer really is simple and you may think my approach is too simplified; But some people are committed to having their goals and others are committed to wanting them.

Accomplishing something major takes a level of commitment. It takes a level of planning and action that most people are not willing to give.

Success begins with what is inside. It begins with how you feel inside about the goal, how you think about it and what action you are willing to commit to it.

Success takes daily belief, commitment and action, not just occasional.

This is why I ask, how committed are you to having your goals?

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