All Things in Due Time

It is a beautiful day here in the Outer Banks of NC and as usual, inspiration is just outside my door. I am so blessed to live here and grateful every day for the opportunity to be here.

During the past month, I have begun to realize the limitations of the blog provider I have been using for a couple of years now. This is simply due to the size and popularity of my blog and believe me, I am grateful for that as well.

So, I am in the process of moving "Creating Abundant Lifestyles" to my server and therefore taking it to the next level.

I expect the change to be seamless for my readers. I am maintaining the url of CreatingAbundantLifestyles.com and when the new blog is ready, it will be automatic.

For those who access it through the Blogspot url, you will see a redirect message when this transpires.

I am so very grateful to each and everyone of my readers and receive such inspiration from each of you. I promise to continue to share my thoughts and as always, welcome your feedback. You are the reason for the success of this blog.

To your success