What You Believe is Exactly What You will See

Although I am not an advocate of TV, the Media and any other venue for telling me how to think and feel, there is something very powerful going on in the Media today.

"They" are telling us the economy is bad, times are tough, people are suffering and etc, etc, etc. And, although this may be the truth for some in our country, it does not have to be the truth for us.

When we hear these things, although I firmly believe we are better off not listening to it, it is entirely up to us to determine if these points of view will affect our results and therefore our lives.

Do not allow others, regardless of who they are and what they say they know, determine your future and your results. You are only becoming a slave to thier beliefs, albeit false, if you allow this to happen.

Let's look at this quote from U.S. Andersen. I hope you will agree with me this is a powerful awareness and something that is life changing.

"It is an established fact that a half dozen people can stand on a street corner and each see things that are imperceptible to the others because of the different qualities of their consciousness. One person might be a realtor and be primarily concerned with the value of a vacant lot. Another might be a doctor and be preoccupied with the erratic gate of a pedestrian. Another might be an advertising person with their attention focused on a vacant billboard atop the drugstore. Still another might be an old lady concerned with the speed of the traffic. There might be an automobile salesman whose attention is riveted upon the new model of a competitor. There might be a contractor who observes that the drugstore needs painting.

Such a list is endless. Because of the infinite variety of the human species, it would surely be impossible for any two people out of any number of combinations to see exactly the same things on the same street corner. What we see is the result of our consciousness. We see only that which we are.

There is no liberation from this fact. It is the basic law of existence. It can be used to restrict consciousness or it can be used to expand consciousness, but work it must, and always. By using it, and we cannot help using it, we either shrivel our souls or expand them, there is no in-between. We are cursed or blessed from within, and upon the judgment seat sits our ego, a false judge to be sure, an illusion to begin with.

When we subordinate ego to spirit, then we are able to expand consciousness and increase awareness, to fully use the law of growth and power. But as long as the ego remains king, that long will we be slaves to a tyrant which imprisons our consciousness within narrow boundaries."

You determine your life and your destiny, no one else. Your truth is the truth that you see. Others can not tell you how things are, they can only give you their perspective, which is the truth for them. Your truth is up to you to decide.

So decide today what your economy is, what your results are and what your future will be. Never let others, who have limited thinking, control your thoughts.

To Your Success...