Drowning Giants

I wish I could tell you the origin of this story, in fact, I am not certain I even remember where I heard it first. Recently, I was reminded of it and truly inspired by its lesson. So please allow me to share my version (as I remember it) with you…

There was a land where there was great abundance. Everything was lush, the people were prosperous and it was definitely a Utopia. The Utopian people were energetic and lived their lives in great prosperity. They were great artists, inventors and entrepreneurs. Everything they touched seemed to turn to gold and they were a very happy people.

But near this land, lived a tribe of giants. Real giants, many feet tall who were mean and vindictive. The giants were unhappy and lived in constant turmoil. They had very little and everything they had, they stole from other tribes. They were truly miserable.

The giants were very envious of the lifestyle of the Utopians. They would spy on them and dream of having what the Utopians had. They knew that if they just had the possessions of the Utopians, their lives would change dramatically and they would be happy.

So one day, the giants decided they wanted what the people of the Utopian land possessed. They decided to invade and take everything, killing the Utopians and then possessing all the wealth, comforts, joy and peace of the Utopians..

On the day of the invasion, they were surprised to encounter resistance from the Utopians. They had assumed since the Utopians were so peaceful, they would never attempt to fight the mighty giants.

The giants were outnumbered and more importantly, outwitted at every turn. Eventually, the Utopians lured the giants to the beautiful lake which was the center of the land. At this point, the giants were hit by a barrage of stone which forced them all face down in the water. Remarkably, every one of the giants drowned in the lake.

After the battle ended, the Utopians proceeded to walk into the lake and pull the giants out. But wait, did they WALK into the water and not take boats? Yes, at its deepest point, the water was only 4 ft deep. The entire tribe of giants drowned in only 4 ft of water!

So what is the moral of this story? If you are in the habit of thinking big, you will always stand up and press on, but if you think small, not realizing your own personal ability, you will accept your defeat and drown!

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