CEO Pay from Home - Is It Really Possible?

First of all, what is CEO pay? If you scan the internet, you can find the salaries of CEOs. Most are in the area of $150,000 per year upwards to millions per year. I think we will all agree that basically, CEO compensation is pretty high and the benefit packages are usually quite impressive. But why is that? Simply said, CEOs take on a tremendous amount of responsibility in leading a corporation. They are people who have taken specific action to get them to a level of command in their industry and in their lives. To a degree, they sound like Entrepreneurs.

If you research the Home Based Business industry, you will find there are many people who fall into this level of success. People who have taken action and are reaping the results of their actions. This is a common trait of anyone who is successful. “Successful people are willing to do things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do”.

But, before you go rolling your eyes or assuming you have to do something bad or unethical, hear me out!

There are just a few things that successful people are willing to do that greatly affect their level of success and primarily, the thing is to Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone.

For anyone who is willing to step out of the things they are most comfortable in and do things that make them uncomfortable, the chances of making a CEO payscale greatly improve.

So ask yourself, what makes you uncomfortable about your home based business?

· Marketing? Well, that’s easy, there are many people available to teach you how to be an effective and powerful marketer

· Selling? Then find a business model that does the selling for you.

· Calling People? Make sure you have a script to follow and people who will model the process for you by making live calls for you to listen to.

· Talking to your friends? I’m with you on this one, I had to find a business where I did not have to call or approach my friends. This is not necessary to have huge success from home.

· Websites? Your business should have the tools available to have websites already available for you to use.

· Oh, here we go…. It’s MONEY! This is the biggy. I really can’t help you here, because I will not tell you money is not necessary to succeed from home. What I will tell you is… If you are looking to make a huge amount of money, it is going to take one of two things. It will either take a long time to build a highly profitable business on small profit margins or it will take investing into a product line with a huge compensation model. Personally, I chose the latter. I realized I could make money a lot faster at $1000 profit per sale than I could at $20 profit per sale. I saw spending a small amount of money as a real investment opportunity and a very small price to pay to have a real business with a real potential.

So I took the action necessary to create a large income. It comes down to the deciding factor of why some people succeed and others do not. Some see the cost getting a business started and weigh it against their results of the past and the things they have done in the past that were comfortable.

Others, like me, see it as stepping out of the box, doing what is necessary to succeed and taking the action to make it happen. This is exactly why some people have CEO level pay from home and others do not.

So if you are looking to make a CEO level income from home, you will find that everyone who is doing so, were willing to take action in these areas and any other that may be uncomfortable for them. But does it take a great deal of money?

NO!!! Look at the comparisons of some franchises and what they cost. Of course my feelings are that buying a franchise is like buying a job…. But that is another article….

Franchises usually cost anywhere from $100k to $1 Million to start and the time for turning profit is normally 3-6 years. Not to mention working 60 hours per week or more.

There are businesses from home that cost under $20k to start full out and you can virtually be in a place of profit in a couple months! That is the route I chose. Plus, the time I work my business is less than 20 hours per week!

If you really want this level of success, then go out and make it happen. I will gladly assist anyone who is serious.