Working From Home - Is it Too Good to Be True?

I pinch myself every day. I wake up when I want (and yes, I still get up early by choice), I lounge around most of the morning reading, writing, listening to music and talking on the telephone. I then make a few business calls, plug into my companies morning wake up conference call. Then I am off to walk on the beach or just hang at the local coffee shop for a while.

The rest of my day is about the same, working about 3 or 4 hours total for the day and enjoying my life the rest of the time.

So, does this sound too good to be true. Fact is, it probably sounds boring to many people, but it is exactly what my life looks like. Why, because I choose to work from home.

I had a career in the Corporate World for many years, but just realized I was living in a trap. A trap totally controlled by other people. They decided when I worked, how long I worked, how much time I spent with my family and even how much I was worth. And, on top of that, they frequently decided I was paid too much and cut that dramatically.

Walking away from that world, which is what my husband and I both did very suddenly, was not hard at all. One might think it was difficult to do, but once we made the decision to do it, it was easy to just say goodbye. Not long afterwards, we chose to move to the coast and even that wasn't hard to do. We just did it.

Of course it helped that we had already started our Home Based Business. Three months later, we were free of our jobs and pinching ourselves. So how did we make it happen so quickly?

We found a business with a very powerful compensation model. One that allowed us to make a very good income quickly and without a large number of sales.

Then, we followed the system the company had in place. No need to reinvent the wheel here. It was a simple system, just plug and play, that is what we did.

And the third thing, we burned the boats. We took any other option off the table. We decided not to just put our toe in the water, but to commit to our own success. We jumped in and then reaped the benefits.

Often I hear people who say, "That business just sounds too good to be true". Well, I am sorry, but that is just too funny to me. I always ask "So, are you looking for something bad enough to be real?"

Think about it:

Too good to be true or bad enough to be real? Personally, I find the too good to be true the best option here. Something that sounds really good, certainly has a better chance of being good than something that sounds bad.

What it comes down to is that people too often are looking for an escape route before they even begin the journey. They do not want to commit to their own success, or do what it takes to be successful, so it is much easier to just say it was "too good to be true". On the other hand, if they go with something that does not sound good to begin with, then chances are no one will notice when they fail.

Odd to me that people try harder to fail than they do to succeed.

So, working from home is wonderful and of course there are some challenges. But, most of the time, it is just too good to be true to the outside world. Especially when those of us who work from home, normally have a higher income that the person who is still under the control of a boss.

No, my business is not too good to be true, it is Truly as Good as it Gets!

To your success...

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