Working From Home - Creating Your Future

It is a fact, the Home Based Business arena is the fastest growing segment of our economy. Being an entrepreneur and a Home Business Owner, funny how when people ask what I do, they immediately think I am going to recruit them into "one of those" things. I have to laugh.

There was a time when I thought the same thing. That was before I realized the majority of new millionaires in the USA were from Home Based Businesses. And now, I know many of them myself. People who "got it". People who understand about free enterprise and how to create their future.

But this is not something we are taught. We are taught, go to school, get good grades, get a good job, do as you are told and retire with a good pension. Yeah, Right! First of all, I tried that only to be fired with 28 years on the good job and no benefits or income. So what did I do, I got real mad. Mad at myself, for not taking control of the situation earlier in my life and creating my own future.

So now, looking back over the past few years, comparing where I was to where I am, it is mind boggling how far I, we have come. Now we live where we want to live, we travel when we want, we sleep in if we choose (cold winter days), or get up early just to play on the beach any day we choose. We are free. Our phone does not ring in the middle of the night any longer and I do not have to plan my vacation based on when my boss wants me to go. Life is wonderful.

But getting to this point in life takes a few things.

1) It takes a decision
Things don't just happen, they are created. You must decide what you are going to create
2) It takes action
You have to move forward and action is what creates results
3) It takes knowing Why
You must know why you do what you do. You must have something
driving you, something all consuming, something bigger than yourself
4) It takes clarity on your goals
If you do not know where you are going, you will never get there. Be
crystal clear on your goals.
5) And it takes a vehicle
To live free, you must have an excellent income. Make sure you have a business model which supports your goals. If your goal is to make $50k per month, make sure you have a business capable of producing that level of income very quickly.
6) It takes commitment
To yourself, to your why and to your goals
7) And it takes good mentoring
Find people who have accomplished what you are looking for and follow them. Stay close, observe and take on their habits and their posture.

So just go for it. Anyone can be free to work from home and create an amazing and abundant life. But you have to put all the pieces together. If you miss any of the pieces listed above, you will never completely reach your goal, you will end up settling.

Never settle, never give up and remember. If you are not on the right path now, change the course and go another path. But YOU have to do it, no one will do it for you.

Oh, and one more thing. Make sure to take direction only from those who have accomplished what you want.

To your success...

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