The Decision to Have Financial Freedom is Always Within Your Grasp

Too often, people use excuses for why they are where they are in life. Either it is someone else's fault, the economy's fault, the company's fault or the government's fault. But the truth is, it is ALWAYS Their OWN Fault. We are always where we are due to decisions we made. Period!

Regardless of the circumstances in life, the decision to accept those circumstances or to fight them by changing direction, is entirely up to you. When did our society convince us that we had to accept what we were handed in life? We were all created with the ability to control our future, so when did we give that control over to other people?

This is especially true when it comes to finances. If you feel you do not have control over your finances, then take a very hard look at where your money comes from. If you are selling your time for money, or in other words, you work for someone else. Then you may not feel you have a lot of control. But get this; you chose to work where ever you work and you have chosen to accept the income you receive. If you want to change that, then you must choose better and make changes in the direction you are going.

Personally, I know many self made millionaires who literally were in the same place at some point in their lives. They just realized they would never get anywhere relying on someone else to determine their worth.

Being financially free does not have a magic formula. It does however take making a decision to make better decisions. Once you have decided you deserve more, then you change the way you are thinking in order to make better decisions.

Also, realize that no one ever became financially free without taking some risks. Oh my, there is the kicker! So many people do not want to knowingly risk anything these days. But, by choosing not to take chances, they take risks unknowingly. Think about that. By choosing to not take chances, they unknowingly take chances every day. They leave their financial future in the hands of others, assuming the other person will make wise choices for them.

Look how many times Donald Trump lost everything, only to come back stronger, richer and faster than before. He was willing to take chances for what he wanted, what he knew he deserved.

So, you want to know what it takes to have Financial Freedom? Here it is:

1) If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. In other words, you MUST do something else.

2) Decide exactly how much money it will take to be financially free.

3) Find a business model that supports your goals. If you want to become a millionaire, then find a business model that allows you to accomplish that goal quickly (not in 20 years).

4) Mentor with people who have what you are looking for. They did it, and will normally tell you what decisions they had to make to accomplish it.

5) Be willing to take a chance. Worst case scenario, stuff is easily replaceable. What I have found is you normally get to replace stuff with better stuff anyway.

6) Just do it. Follow what your mentors advise you to do.

7) Believe in yourself. You have everything you need inside you to accomplish your greatest desires. You just have to tap into that by believing.

To your success...

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