Jet Fuel for Home Business Success

My goal is to always provide my readers with indepth "how to succeed" information. Working a home business should be fun and very gratifying, never stressful. The reason we quit our dead end jobs is so we can be home with our families and work when we choose to work, not to be worried about paying bills and making ends meet.

But too often, we let the worry of succeeding overtake the reason we left our jobs to begin with. We let the day to day stress of what to do next control us and not allow ourselves the success we deserve without the stress. So what will help to alleviate the worry and add real "jet fuel" to our level of success in our businesses?

This may sound too simple, but a great place to start is GRATITUDE. Those of us who work from home, anytime we choose and live life on our own terms have so much to be grateful for. We are home with our families, travel without a bosses approval, go to the beach anytime we want and live our life in freedom. But then again, doesn't everyone have much to be grateful for?

We go through the process of setting our goals, using positive affirmations, visualization of our goals and then we work our business, expecting it to bring to us everything we envision. Why does this not always transpire as we expect? Why would there be anything less than outright success?

It is a very simple question with a very simple answer. We can't possibly expect to have more when we are not grateful for what we currently have? Sure, we have all heard this, but just what is the hidden meaning inside of that question? Why do so many people say "but I am grateful for what I have and still not getting what I want"?

The answer is very simple also. Gratitude is an action, a state of being, a way of life, the way you start your day and the way you live your day and that brings you absolute happiness. It is not something you just happen to get, it is something you must feel from the heart, feel from within and truly experience.

Gratitude starts with knowing there is a reason for everything you have experienced in life. First of all, they are history and a part of the journey we encounter while finding our true and authentic selves. You must start by being grateful for anything that might be an adversity and know those are just part of your journey.

Then, just live in thanks and gratitude. Be thankful for the penny you find, for the toast that did not burn, for the coffee maker that actually came on before you got out of bed. Be grateful and truly thankful for everything. Also, understand that gratitude creates an air around you which attracts more success into your life.

A grateful heart is not something we can turn on, it is something we must nurture and develop. An easy way to do this is to start your day with a gratitude journal. Write down everything you are grateful for "today".

Then here is the jet fuel, after listing everything you are grateful for today, list everything you are grateful for tomorrow! In other words, through gratitude, make your goals and plans known. But when writing out these intentions, list them as though you already have them, i.e. "thank you for the donation of $5000 to Make a Wish Foundation".

Afterall, once you ask for something, through faith you should know it is done, so be grateful for it in advance.

Simply said, start your day in absolute gratitude for where you are and where you are going. It is the jet fuel to success in all areas of life and in your Home Based Business and don't procrastinate... do it today!

To your success...