Entrepreneurs Serving Their Community and Growing their Businesses

As an entrepreneur, I have found a great way to give back to my community. I started a community based group meeting of Entrepreneurs. I had been a member of Meetup.com for quite some time and then realized that maybe I had something to offer to other Entrepreneurs.

By following the simple step by step system outlined in meetup.com, I established a group called the Emerald Isle Entrepreneurs Meetup, in Emerald Isle NC. We meet the last Thursday of each month (what I call Super Thursday). It is the day that dedicated entrepreneurs from the coastal area come together to learn business stategies, mindset and mastermind to build and grow their companies.

It’s something we all really look forward to. We have genuine open discussions on what strategies work, we support and mentor each other and work together to assure each of us has all the necessary tools to succeed in our businesses.

We welcome anyone who is looking to start a business or owns a business. We have some people who have been self employed for years, and others who are just starting out as members of our group. We have Home Business Owners as well as some who own Brick and Mortar Businesses, every scope of Entrepreneurship.

Everyone has something unique to contribute, and everyone is welcome. The group is open to anyone in the Emerald Isle area, and is free to join.
The Emerald Isle Entrepreneurs group meets monthly. (For details, go here)

As for why I bring this up on my blog. It is very important for everyone to give to their community. Of course we all know the value of giving financially to powerful causes, but it is equally valuable to give of our expertise and our time.

I started these meetings with the idea of giving, but have been amazed at the level of recieving I have experienced. We have very powerful and authentic people in our group. I have made friendships that will last forever and have at my fingertips a group of like minded individuals who support each other unconditionally.

This is what entrepreneurship is all about. I encourage everyone to utilize the tools available at meetup.com to find a group to share in your successes and mentor you to greater success.

To your success...