Why I Am Recommending A Soy Product

It is my policy to only post information about personal development that will empower my readers to achieve greater success. However, I am compelled to "just this once" deviate from the norm to talk about this product.

Six years ago, I was "suffering" from out of control menopause. Sorry men, but I must say it. I thought I would die from 50+ hot flashes a day. I had just been downsized from my job of nearly 30 years and the stress was compounded by menopause.

I went to work for Physician Pharmaceuticals,Revival Soy as their call center manager. During my 3 years there, my flashes greatly subsided and although I knew at the time it was the soy I used everyday, I did not think very much about my weight.

I left Revival to start my own business and in time, gradually stopped using Revival products. Especially since the flashes (with time) were under control without it.

Recently I realized that my weight has gradually climbed in the past 3 years and decided to return to my soy regimen. Now, thanks to the temendous benefits of soy on fat control, hair, nails and even skin and hair, I am my old self, greatly improved. Dr. Tabor has even created a great new weight loss program.

So, now I faithfully use Revival and recommend it to everyone (even men). It is the best Soy product on the market and does everything Dr. Tabor (the creator of Revival) claims it does.

You will see a few ads on occassion on my blog and to my knowledge, will be the only product of it's type I will ever recommend to my readers. I encourage everyone to give it a try, and, it really is delicious.

To your success...