Summer is Over, Is it Time to Focus on Success?

Finally, Labor Day has passed and Fall is on it's way. For me, I welcome the end of the summer. Living on the beach is great, but sometimes it is so crowded that I forget how much I love it. September and October however are wonderful months to live at the beach. Still very warm (90 today) and yet the crowds are gone (thank Heaven for school starting).

Anyway, someone mentioned to me just yesterday that now with summer behind them, they could focus on their life and having success in their business.

That started me thinking about the mentality that thinks you have to have all conditions just perfect before you can move forward or continue your life, or have success. Times are only perfect when we allow them to be. If you wait for the "right time", you will never find it. Why? Because the right time is within you. All you have to do is look within to find the "right time" for anything.

If you look within and the desire and the intention are there, then so is the success so the the time is perfect, right now!

Sure, Summer is a time of fun and outdoor events, but who said you have to put your life on hold to have fun and enjoy yourself? Success comes from the fun! Should I repeat that? "Success comes from the fun".

The power of intention should be all anyone needs to have success. Success is already within each and every one of us. Once we set the intention to bring the success out, then having fun and living one's life will set the law of attraction wheels rolling and the success will show itself.

The only piece that is missing here is the mental focus on what you want and how you want that to show itself. The energy and the emotion of the intent can be fed by the fun of living your life. The fun you have, when the focus is on your intention, it is like adding jetfuel to the desire.

So, what am I trying to tell you? Very simple, have fun everyday, but keep your focus on your goals and your intention (aka expectation). Let the fun of living your life be the fuel your intentions need to move you to your destination of allout success.

Sound too simple to be true? Try it. Do the things you need to do and then go out and have fun. Allow the intention of your efforts work for you. They will every time.

To you success...