What Questions are you Asking? Creating Your Results.

I spent this past weekend masterminding with extremely successful entrepreneurs. This was not just wannabes, but people who are living an extreme lifestyle. One thing they all have in common is they are students of personal development and have used these principles to create a life of dreams. The topic we discussed primarily was duplication and I was repeatedly moved by one question over and over again.

"What Questions are you Asking "Yourself"?

Who we are and who we want to be are frequently two different people. Often, we have a clear picture of the person we want to be. We know the basic principles for making the change but there just seems to be a block keeping us from our desired destination. We know what we want and we know we can have it, but the results seem very challenging to materialize.

Unfortunately, we are our own worse enemy when we are "working" toward changing ourselves, or shall I say when we are creating the person of our dreams. We can completely miss the most important element since it is not frequently discussed. This is an element which completely removes the work involved in change.

As students of personal development, we watch what we say, what we think and even how we react. But, do we listen to the questions we ask ourselves? These questions can either block the development and prosperity we desire, or they can propel us to a level of untold wealth and prosperity. The questions we ask ourselves are more powerful than any meditation or affirmations.

Questions for ourselves come from deep within. When we ask ourselves questions, we tend to be brutal and not entirely objective.

Self questions should not replace meditation or affirmations, but should be a part of our development. We should create a habit of asking the right questions at the right time.

Questions have more power with our subconscious mind. When we ask ourselves a question, it forces our subconscious mind to deliver a specific answer to our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind must rely on information we have fed it, it does not know if we are telling it the truth or pretending. When we ask a question of ourselves, the subconscious mind must work at delivering a response, providing great energy and vibration.

Let's take a look at some of the questions we could be asking.

When you look in the mirror, do you ask yourself;

Why did I color my hair?
Why am I wearing this ugly sweater?
When did I put on that extra weight?

These are very negative questions, and even though you may apply good principles in providing yourself an answer, the damage is done through the question itself.

Try these questions instead;

Why does that color look so good on me?
Why does this sweater look so unique?
Why am I looking so thin and healthy today?

This approach may seem a bit uncomfortable at first but you will find the emotion of the question is extremely powerful and uplifting, increasing your vibration dramatically. And of course, the vibration holds the power of the Law of Attraction.

Practice this method often. Always ask yourself awesome questions. Questions that are as big as the goals you desire. The bigger your goal, the more powerful your questions should be. For example:

- Why am I so brilliant?
- Why am I so good at what I do?
- How can I increase my income this month by an additional $40,000?
- How can I give an additional $20,000 to charity?
- How can I change the lives of more people?
- How can I make a big difference today?

Awesome questions will raise your vibrations and dramatically speed up and increase your results. Give it a try.

Just another tool for your personal development toolkit to take you to the life you deserve.