The Results "The Money" is in the Action

So often, students of Law of Attraction become confused as to why they are not getting the results they desire. They may be doing almost everything right, clarification of goals, visualizing, putting their intention into the universe, believing, but the results are still not happening.

I find in most cases, if the mindset is right, the reason the success is not appearing is simply there has not been any or enough corresponding action.

For example, let's say you had an accident and broke your leg. Your goal is to recuperate and to walk unassisted, totally healed. You take the medication prescribed, you rest, you keep your leg elevated and then you wonder why you are not healing. The answer is simple, the healing requires a corresponding action; physical therapy and exercise. Without the corresponding action, you will never experience total restoration.

The same applies in any endeavor we undertake. There must be action, a corresponding action for the results to work through. As I have said in previous articles, the results don't just fall from the sky.

But how do you know what action will bring results? The answer is very simple. Through the Law of Attraction, with focus on the results, the appropriate action will come to you.

Here are some steps to help you find the actions to take:

1) Get quiet
Find a very quiet and peaceful place. Maybe it is a place you always feel special feelings and love when you are there. It may even be a place in your home that brings you solace. Then, get perfectly quiet in your surroundings and in your mind.

2) Focus on your goal
This is very important. When you focus on your goals, DO NOT focus on what you WANT. Focus on the feeling of having it. In your mind's eye, see yourself already in possession of what you desire. Feel the feelings of having it already.

3) Be grateful
Feel gratitude for having the thing. Now please try to get this...
There is amazing power in gratitude. But you must be grateful for where you are and where you know you are going. Once you have asked for the results, "it is given". So faith requires gratitude. You must KNOW inside to your deepest core that you are receiving, so be grateful.

4) Now listen
The corresponding action will come in your thoughts, through other people, through just about any means possible. But you must listen and have faith in the action.

5) Take Action
Once you have listened and received the necessary action, trust the action to be the right one. If you follow these steps, the action will pay off, but you must act upon it. You must TAKE ACTION.

These steps may seem extremely simple, but they work. Give them a try. Realize the results are within you, but you must open the door to the action necessary to make it happen.

To your success.