When Pain Holds You Back

Many coaches and mentors talk frequently about limiting beliefs and how so often, the inaccuracies passed on through experiences and from others, create a false belief of what is possible. These limiting beliefs will stop us dead in our tracks and can keep us from accomplishing the greatness we were destined to live.

But how often do we hear of the pain in our lives keeping us from living our true destiny?

I can not even begin to understand the level of pain others experience. I only know my own, but through my own, I can possibly offer a bit of comfort to others.

Be it military personnel who are injured in duty who suffer a physical pain not understood by outsiders. Or, the loss of close friends and brothers, again a pain outsiders will not understand. Pain can be physical or emotional, but it is still pain and pain is a nasty foe who will go to any length to keep you where you are and not allow you to move beyond.

Pain from divorce or the death of a loved one, can be crippling. Too often, we take pain as something we choose to never experience again. We refuse to open our hearts to others or to allow others inside to help heal us.

I believe with every thread of my being that people are brought to us for a reason and for a season. Sometimes the season seems too short, but it is not for us to understand the timeline. Everyone is in our lives for a reason and then they move on. We must let go of the pain and find the reason they were there. Once that is realized, the pain can truly start to fade.

Pain of any level is like a brick wall. You must climb over it, it just won't dissappear, it takes a concentrated effort to defeat it. But in every case, I believe there is someone in our lives to help us to defeat it.

We were not placed on this earth to live in pain. We were meant to live in peace and joy and regardless of the pain suffered, there truly is peace and joy on the other side.

Let others lift you out of your pain. You will never forget the loved one you lost or the person you were married to, you will only let go of the pain which will allow you to experience the next level of your destiny.

You will be stuck in the pain place as long as you allow it to be. You must make the decision to let go and move forward. This takes putting memories where they belong and letting go of what is holding you back.

Just as the loved one you lost, someone else will come into your path to take you to the next level. A very dear friend of mine unknowingly lifted me out of my pain and suffering and my future instantly changed for it. Unfortunately, I am unable to lift him out of his pain at this time, but because he is a dear friend, I see nothing but potential and will always work toward helping him to find his peace and joy.

I don't mean to ramble here, but I do want you to know there is peace and joy out there for you. But until the pain is in it's proper place, you will only experience pain.

To your unstoppable success...