Recreating Yourself to Be "YOU"

So often, we become a person we do not recognize. Regardless of the reasons, we can easily slip into a version of ourself that is anything but familiar.

As you move from one era of your life to the next, it is very important to determine who you are in the new era. Take time to identify your passions, your true beliefs (not what others want you to believe), how you want others to see you, your inner thoughts , your source of energy and your personal goals. These are a reflection of who you are.

From my personal experience, having been in a wonderful marriage and then suddenly losing my husband, I was thrown into the unknown. Even though my husband is still a vital part of my life, I am no longer that person and no longer part of a couple. The person I was in marriage is not the same person I am today. Not that either person is better than the other, just different in many ways.

Right before my husband died, he passed on very powerful wisdom. He said "spread your wings and be the person you put on hold while being my wife"? At first, I thought I had not put anything on hold, his wife, is what I wanted to be. But in time, I have realized there were many passions that were no longer part of my life during marriage because I replaced them with "us" passions.

Now I am getting back to who I am as an individual. I am again strong, athletic, a dancer, a daredevil who loves to try new things and new adventures. I have even recently tried skydiving. Funny how that one popped in. My husband always laughed that desire right off, one of the few things he would never support me in. But it is something I have always wanted to do, so why not now?

The point is... It is not necessary to always be the same person. It is okay to decide who you are and then create that person from within. It brings you new hope, new energy and new drive. It puts a freshness into every day and provides an opportunity for you to create the person you truly are inside and it gives you a strong foundation for letting go of the past.

Regardless of the situation you are in, whatever loss or whatever struggle. Find your true self. Honor yourself with integrity and zeal for life. You deserve to be the person you truly are and live your life with purpose and absolute intention.

To your unstoppable success...