When Inspiration Strikes...

As Entrepreneurs, Writers, Artists, Executives or Mom's and Dad's, we count on having a daily dose of inspiration and motivation to help us to accomplish our goals and effect the lives of others.

We don't talk enough about inspiration, so often we just do whatever we do and know that something inside is driving us. But that something must be inspiration. Sometimes we can determine where the inspiration comes from and other times, we can't. It is not necessary to always know where the inspiration derives, but in order to use it at our will, we must be able to label it and draw from it.

In order to move from mediocrity to greatness, call it genius if you like, or even the "creative plane" it takes a dose of inspiration to help us to move to that level. Without identifying what inspires us, we can easily become stagnant in our creative world.

In history, there have been many great people who have accomplished phenomenal feats in art, music, business or family, simply from identifying the source of their inspiration. Sometimes, that inspiration comes from the form of a Muse type being, a person who has the ability to reach inside of someone and pull out the genius that exists.

Other times, the inspiration may come form a chance meeting or a simple conversation with someone you may not even know, but a person who has that special quality of finding the best inside you.

For me, anytime I write, I can only do so when I feel inspiration from within. But that inspiration is always the result of something I have received from someone else. Either a word of wisdom, or a story that touched my heart or a success beyond reason.

Recently a person I have yet to even meet, and just talked to briefly has inspired me to turn out a couple chapters of my book in a very quick time frame. But how can someone I don't know, inspire me to this level.

I believe the answer is a simple one...

Inspiration is an energy, as all things on this earth are. The energy one may feel from a special person, or an attitude of greatness, or even the hope portrayed by another, it is still energy. Energy is a vibration and some people just vibrate at a higher level than others and tend to pass on that energy to those they encounter.

I do not want to go too deep, as there will be a great deal on this subject in my book, however, I do want to leave you with this thought.

Look for the people in your life who have a special inner energy. Who in just their presence, make you feel more alive, more focused and more inspired. When you identify someone who passes this level of energy to you, even though it may be for just a moment, make an effort to spend more time with them. They may have a huge dose of inspiration just waiting to be passed on, or they may be in your life for an even greater purpose. They just may be the person you have been waiting for to give you something special, which either way, can be the inspiration you need to accomplish greatness.

To your unstoppable success...