Oh! But to Just Live My Life Myself...

Funny how sometimes, people we know, people we love, even people we admire, are much too involved in how we are living our lives. I constantly battle with the intrinsic nature of the people who know best how I should live my life without even a whisper from me as to how they should live theirs.

Life is for living, and it is the responsibility of every individual to determine the lifestyle which is best suited to their own nature. But there will always be the forever meddler who wants to tell us what is best.

Don't misunderstand me here, I truly appreciate the people who care for me and are very concerned that I might actually leap out of an airplane without a parachute or something really stupid! Believe me, I know what would happen without a parachute, and assure you, I will never jump without one! Just because my choices do not necessarily mirror their own, then does that make mine wrong, NO...

Let's face it. We are all adults, and as adults, we make decisions, take actions and experience the results of our actions. This is how life works. Of course there will always be those who fail to make decisions, take action and subsequently never experience the bountiful, abundant and exhilerating life available to us all. But that is their choice, definitely not mine!

I choose to live my life as an adult, as guided by a higher power and with the abilities given me, make the decisions myself for my own actions. Therefore, I assume responsibility for my actions and my results. Because I am willing to live my life at this level, I will never whine and complain about what comes my way.

Yes, things do happen that we wish did not, such as the death of my wonderful husband, but I have chosen to honor my promise to him and live my life to the best of my desire and my ability. I celebrate that I am able to do this.

Why am I ranting, you ask? Just venting... I want my readers and my followers to know that I do assume responsibility for myself. And regardless of the advise given, I accept with gratitude the advice, but the final actions I take in every situation will be those I deem the right fit for me! And maybe, just maybe I will serve someone as an example or even bring a new realm of possibilities to the awareness of someone who just happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Just passing along my thoughts.

To your unstoppable success...