Are You the Master Of Your Destiny?

Opportunities frequently come our way that are so out of the ordinary, our gut reaction is to just run in the other direction. As a child, I grew up in a very simple and meager situation. Our parents did not encourage us to step up and try new things. Everything was compared to what the family had “always done” in the past.

I was a rogue. Always bucking the system and never falling in line with my older brothers and sisters. In our home, we were not encouraged to complete our education, after all, no one else in the family did , and they were just fine!

But I had huge dreams and visions for my life, so at the tender age of 16, I decided to step out on my own. Yes, I left home and started taking care of myself. I put myself through school and learned to make my way in life, and what an adventure it has been.

Later, I went to work for an airline and had incredible opportunities to work overseas in various countries. I traveled all over the world, normally alone and loved it. It really never occurred to me at the time to be afraid of doing this. What an opportunity I had and I was very grateful for it.

So what is the point? You can not make decisions in life based on fear. Don’t let fear hold you back. Great things are never accomplished through fear. Yes, I was sometimes afraid (boy, the stories I can tell) but what I gained from that opportunity has led me to take on some major tasks in my life and also helped me to become the powerful business person I am today.

We are all in total control of our own destiny and the level of success we enjoy. Of course there are at times some factors we have no control over, but we can not worry about those factors. Instead, concentrate on the things you can control. You CAN control your own thinking and your actions. The power is not in the “situation” but instead in how you handle the situation.

Fear is the number one factor stopping people from getting what they want in life. Always be open to new ideas and opportunities. To have anything worth having, you must take a chance.

Many people talk about being successful, but few truly are. Be a “doer.” Make a decision to have what you want and fearlessly walk forward toward your goal. Live your life open and ready to receive. Your destiny is entirely in your hands.

Serious entrepreneurs are invited to request information on how to achieve financial goals. Please understand that I work only with those who are serious about committing themselves to their goals. If your goal is big enough to get you excited, then contact me.

Success in business and in life is up to you. Take a chance, make it happen. You and your family deserve it!

To Your Success...