Wealth and Freedom - Get Clear on What they Really Mean!

When working with business partners who are specifically looking to create a lifestyle for themselves filled with success, abundance and freedom, I am totally moved at the reaction I get to the above words; Wealth and Freedom.

In our society, these words are used very casually, but not always with the true meaning attached to them. It is almost an allergic response from most people when you talk about wealth and freedom.

For example, when I ask someone if they want to be wealthy, most of the time they will respond with some sort of nervous jargon such, "I don't want to be greedy", or "no, not wealthy but comfortable", or maybe even "Oh no, I just want to have enough money to do the things I want!"

I find these comments to be a reflection of what the masses have attached to the meaning of wealth and freedom. This is exactly the reason only 3% of the population experience real success! Only 3% really get the meaning of wealth and freedom and in order to get something, you must be absolutely clear about what it is you want.

Let's take a look at the meaning of Wealth as defined in dictionary.com
a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, or other riches

Now, let's look at the listed Synonyms to Wealth: richness, amplitude, fullness, possessions, assets, goods, property, money, opulence, fortune

It is more productive to use the synonyms to assist business partners in getting clear on what they want, therefore the real meaning of wealth. So when I ask someone if they want wealth, what I should ask is:

1) Do you want richness?
2) Do you want amplitude?
3) Do you want fullness?
4) Do you want possessions?
5) Do you want assets?
6) Do you want goods?
7) Do you want property?
8) Do you want money?
9) Do you want opulence?
10) Do you want fortune?

I strongly believe and have seen the results, people answer the question of do you want wealth and then these 10 follow up questions completely differently. How can this be, aren't they the same thing? Apparently not in the minds of the 97% 'ers.

The same applies to Freedom.

The definition of freedom is:
1. the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint 2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc. 3. the power to determine action without restraint

When I ask about freedom, what most people say is "I am free", but are they? Do they have they ability to come and go without confinement, are they exempt from external control, do they have the power to determine their own action without restraint?

This may seem a bit extreme to many, however, in my view, leaving decisions up to employers or others who control the purse strings, is indeed a lack of freedom. Unless you can be available to your family when needed without asking permission, unless you can take a trip today, simply because you want to, or unless you can change your zip code without transferring or seeking another job, are you completely free? I think not.

Are you free to live your life, or are you confined by the whims of others? Now, I certainly do not mean you should be rampant and without personal restraint, but are you free to decide for yourself your future and your lifestyle?

Again, it is a matter of getting perfectly clear on what you want. What would your life be like if you had wealth and freedom? Can you paint a clear picture in your mind, can you see your life with wealth and freedom? If you can't then either you will never accomplish it or will never really want it.

Basic Law of Attraction is to focus on what you want, but if you are not clear on what you want, then you will only attract confusion.

My challenge to each of my readers is very simple. Get clear, get focused and challenge yourself to go after what you really want, or just accept where you are and what you have. I believe there are only two clear choices in life.

To your success...