We ARE Liberty League, not just DO Liberty League

So, people ask me all the time what I do. Obviously, I work from home, have tons of free time, do what I want to do and am assisting my community. Liberty League is why I can do these things. The truth is, yes, Liberty League is what I do, but more importantly, I AM Liberty League. I love this company, the community and every thing that it stands for.

I started with Liberty League International in June 2004. Literally, I was exhausted, fed up with my management job and just tired of living someone else's dreams. So late one Sunday night, knowing that Monday would be horrible as they always were, I was searching the internet, hoping for a new beginning.

And, I found it...

Thanks to this amazing opportunity, my husband and I both left our jobs, moved to where we really wanted to live (the beach) and very proud that we are making a real difference in the lives of other people and our community. Before coming here, we only talked about "some day" and "maybe" but now we live our dreams everyday.

Through LLI's product, Beyond Freedom, I learned not only that I have total control over my life and my lifestyle, but how to take control of my life. Beyond Freedom is part of my daily personal development, guiding me to be the best I can be. Before Beyond Freedom, I never really understood how to make the Law of Attraction and The Secret work for me. Now, they are part of everything I do because Beyond Freedom assisted me in changing my thinking to allow them to work.

There is no end to what we know we can create. We are so grateful to have this product and this company in our lives and know without any doubt that God brought us here and we are where He wants us to be. We are grateful to Him for putting this piece of our life puzzle together for us. And we are grateful to the founders of Liberty League for creating something so powerful.

Always, to your success,
Wanda Grindstaff
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