Prosperity and Abundance is Your Birthright - Living with Intent

Too often, the underlying reason people never experience true prosperity in any area of life is due to their feelings of deservability. Our society has perpetuated the myth for years that successful people are mean, greedy and even untrustworthy. We have been fed the propaganda that we should not want to be wealthy and there is not enough money for everyone. Our society has told us we do not deserve to be wealthy.

I am here to tell you that is absolute hogwash! Everyone deserves to have all the success and abundance they desire. Even the Bible tells us we can have the desires of our hearts and our purpose on earth is prosperity in every area. If we have the desire within to be prosperous and successful then we have the means to achieve it. It is our birthright to have prosperity and abundance, God created the world with more than enough of everything for everyone. Everyone is born with the right to be prosperous and abundant.

What our society, media and schools do not teach us is there is more than enough money in this world for every desire. Money is endless, it is an energy that grows with use. The more we put it to work and circulate it, the more there is. It must flow and circulate to grow. One basic rule of business is if you want to increase the income from a business, you must grow the business. The same rule applies to money in general, it must be used to increase.

We are not taught how to make money, we are taught to work hard. Most highly successful people will tell you the wealth came from learning to work smart or wisely and allowing the universe to reap the returns of the effort. The hard work of creating wealth, or should I say the hardest part, is working on ourselves. Developing a prosperity consciousness and a vision of success, which therefore drives a life of intention.

A person who is truly intent on creating wealth and that intention is driven by a giving heart will experience a level of financial success that is unmeasurable and not imaginable. We are not taught that wealth in our world is proportionate to the number of people we serve, the amount of service we provide and amount of money we give away.

Look at Bill Gates for example. He is the richest man in the world, but also the greatest philanthropist in the world. He makes more because he gives more. A basic law of this world is you can not out give the amount you can receive. The more you give (with a passionate and loving heart) the more you receive.

So let's address the greatest argument of all times about having wealth and abundance. "Money does not buy happiness". I love this one. No, money does not buy happiness, it buys comfort. When we are comfortable, we have the time and the means to find real happiness in our lives. If this fable were true, then the poorest of poor people would be the happiest. We know this is not true. Normally when you meet a poor person who is happy, it is simply because they have given up and given in, they have settled for much less than they deserve.

My personal goal is to help as many people as possible to live the life they deserve to live, a life of prosperity and abundance in every area. I am accomplishing this goal through my business, offering a powerful program to assist in establishing a mindset of wealth consciousness and by giving generously to the missions and charities I choose. My plan is to tell as many people as I can touch about the power they have inside them, the power to have anything they desire and to empower them to achieve real goals.

I acknowledge that money is not everything but it is extraordinarily important. The best thing I can do for the poor is to not be one, therefore helping large numbers of the poor through giving and providing hope.

Write this in your journal today and put it where you can see it frequently: "I deserve to be prosperous and abundant in every area of my life".

Now, work on those goals. Think Big, think great, think giving. Then, be intent on living the life you have defined for yourself. Include giving as a major purpose for your success. Look at what you are doing in life. Are you on the route which will take you to those huge goals? If not, then start expecting the right route to show itself, it will. There is a route for each of us, if we are intent on it revealing itself.

I will talk in other posts about how to identify your purpose when it is presented. In the mean time, make it a fabulous and prosperous day. You deserve it.