Fighting the Epic Battle To Succeed

Success, everyone is after it, everyone wants it and everyone is looking for it. The definition of success includes such things as the "attainment of an endeavor", but it is not that simple for most people. It is something very personal, very deep inside, a desire for something, a passion to have or to attain. Only you know what is in your heart. Only you know what will bring you the illusive feeling of "success".

But, I am here to tell you that success is not a destination or a journey. It is not something you attain. Pursuing it will only bring you a feeling of failure. By pursuing success, you will never be able to identify it. Success will always remain illusive.

Instead, realize that success is not something you "get", it is something you "are". The search for success is actually an inner battle, an epic battle inside your mind and your heart that is stopping you from having what you desire. It is the classic application of the Be - Do - Have principle. In order to have success, you must first BE the successful person inside.

The only thing keeping you from success is this inner battle. It could be anger, hate, envy, jealousy, regret or any of the other negative and emotional feelings keeping you from moving forward. It is not possible to have these negative emotions and still move to a place of success. Do not let past and current circumstances define who you are.

Let go of any of the negative emotions connected to the past, they are holding you back. Claim who you are, the successful person. Find the joy in your life that will motivate this successful feeling. Joy brings confidence and confidence will encourage the feeling of success.

Rejuvenate your emotions with feelings of hope and expectation by focusing on your goals. Your goals should be bigger than you, something that will get you very excited.

Once you focus on those goals, see yourself as the person who has accomplished them. Make every decision from the place of the successful person. Simply ask yourself, if I had already reached my goal, what decision would I make in this situation.

With every decision and circumstance, you will become more confident and joyful in what you are doing. Each decision will get you closer to where you want to be and it will become easier to BE the person inside, long before you actually get to your goal.

By being the successful person, making decisions from a place of confidence and expectation, you will definitely have whatever it is you are striving to have, your goal.

This inner battle causes most people to give up in frustration, feeling as though they have failed. It is not necessary to give up. Calm the inner thoughts and focus on emotions that will move you forward. Defeat the epic battle inside your head. Quiet the monkey chatter that is holding you back.